Saturday, February 22, 2014

I Hate The War

I hate the war and, most of all, I hate the whore.

Right now I'm thinking of the useless Robert Parry.

He can't write about Iraq.  Like so many other useless and flaccid cabbage, he can't write about what's happening in Iraq.

[Cabbage?  I'm stealing from Kyle's mom on South Park and using "cabbage" to replace the various curse words I used while typing this but before posting it.  You can stream "It's a Jersey Thing" by clicking on the link.]

He can't because he's never been honest about Barack.

I wish he would just go the White House, drop to his knees and perform fellatio on Barack so he could find knock one off on his to-do list and stop fantasying about it in his bad columns.

He's  written a column about former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates' book, feeling the need to attack Hillary Clinton for opposing the surge for political reasons.  Now Gates wrote that Barack admitted he did the same thing but Robert Parry rushed to excuse Barack for that.

Do we not get that Hillary has not announced she's running for election in 2016 but that Barack Obama is president right now?

I thought these cabbage heads would finally shut the cabbage up and focus on reality when Hillary stepped down as Secretary of State.

For four years, they attacked her as though she were president while excusing the crimes of Barack Obama.

Now they intend to spend Barack's second term calling out Hillary to avoid holding a sitting president accountable.

Robert Parry is disgusting and, most of all, he is sick.  He needs help or he needs to be institutionalized so he can't harm himself or others.

The dirty  cabbage-d cabbage even attacks the Sunnis.  He's so stupid and so are the people at Truthout and anywhere else that link to his loony, rabid rantings.  I'm sick of it.

Here's Parry attacking Hillary:

In Duty, Gates also acknowledges that he was always a supporter of the Iraq invasion, writing that in 2003, “I supported Bush 43’s decision to invade and bring Saddam down.” The failure of Clinton and other Democrats on the Senate Armed Services Committee to fully vet Gates’s attitudes on the Iraq War was a stunning failure of their own duty.

Should she have been doing a better job of vetting Gates?

I don't know why.

She wasn't the Chair.

Does the little cabbage  know who was?

It wasn't Carl.  He was Ranking Member.

The Democrats didn't control the Senate Armed Services Committee in December 2006 --- which is probably why Bully Boy Bush nominated Gates in November (immediately after the mid-terms) instead of waiting until the 110th Congress was sworn into office in January -- that's when Democrats would be in control of the Senate.  (And in control of the House -- they won both back in the 2006 mid-terms.)

The Democrats were in the minority and couldn't have derailed Gates' nomination if they'd wanted to -- but they didn't want to.  We'll get to that.

But on the minority side, Hillary was in charge under Carl Levin, right?

No.  Senator Ted Kennedy was next, followed Senator Robert Byrd.

Hillary was a minor member of the Committee.

Should they have voted for Gates -- the Senate Committee or the Senate itself?

We argued "no" here in real time.

But I was also aware Rumsfeld had to go.  So were Democrats serving in the Senate.  The Walter Reed scandal was only one reason Rumsfeld had to go.

And once someone was nominated, it was pretty much going to be whoever got nominated.

Harriet Miers, remember her?

Even she might have gotten confirmed for this post.


The Iraq War and the Afghanistan War were both raging.  Did you really think the US Congress was going to get into a battle with Bully Boy Bush over who would be Secretary of Defense with two wars going on?

As it was, 95 out of 100 senators voted for him.  Senators Joe Biden, Evan Bayh and Elizabeth Dole abstained from voting.  Dole's a Republican, the other two are Democrats.  The only people who voted against him?  Republican Seantors Jim Bunning and Rick Santorum.

You know what that means, right?  That means Robert Parry's sex god voted for Gates:

Yea   D   Durbin, Richard IL
Yea   D   Obama, Barack IL                                      

Now Robert Parry is a ranting mad man whose brain no longer functions.

Grasp that.

And now let's note his 'logic.'

Evil, lying Hillary opposed the surge for political reasons.  She didn't care about Iraq or Iraqis.

That was his previous column.

Now he's saying Hillary should have not voted to confirm Gates -- Excuse me, he's saying she should have, single handed,  prevented the Gates from being confirmed as Secretary of Defense because Gates was not for ending the Iraq War shortly after being confirmed and because he was a war supporter.

I'm sorry, does the crazy cabbage not realize how insane he sounds?

He's accusing Hillary, who voted for the war, of being crafty and dishonest in 2007, as she geared up to run for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, about Iraq and only pretending to be opposed to the surge.

In that, he's saying she's a fake and a fraud.

And then he turns around and slams her for not derailing the vote of someone whose position is the same as Parry says Hillary's position is.

It makes no sense.

Nor does this b.s. of pretending its 2016 or that Hillary's declared.

They worked real hard, these nut jobs, in 2008 to destroy Hillary.

They only succeeded Nancy Pelosi has no ethics.  She stopped the vote at the convention because we couldn't have a vote, we couldn't see what Hillary's totals were.

Because Hillary didn't go down.

They kicked her, they beat her, they spat on her, but Democrats kept backing her and she kept winning primaries.

So it's really important to Parry, who fears the scary vagina, that he destroy her now.

I think I've said this already but maybe just at Third, I'm not voting for Hillary.

She would have to publicly apologize to Pat Smith right now to get my vote.  (The mother of the late Sean Smith.)  That's for her bellicose "what difference does it make!" and also for lying to the woman, saying she'd get information for her and that she'd be calling her.

If Hillary's the nominee and she's made no effort with regards to Pat Smith, I won't vote, top of the ticket, Democrat.

Because, unlike Robert Parry, I'm not a whore.

My beliefs matter to me.

I was at that January 2013 hearing and was appalled by Hillary's presentation and remarks (check the archives, I called her out while the press was busying being impressed by what a bully Hillary could be).

I have no interest in a President Hillary Clinton.

And if Parry wants to call her out for real reasons, fine and dandy, do so.

But this nonsense where Hillary and Barack do the same thing and Robert Parry's slamming Hillary but always excusing Barack?

That's b.s.

Hillary was for the Iraq War.  There's no reason she should have opposed Gates in December 2006 because he supported the illegal war as well.

But what about Mr. Short Pants?

What about Baby Barack?

His lie is that he opposed the war.

He only opposed it until it started.

Then he was for it.

But Robert Parry repeatedly lies that Barack was against it before it started and after too.

Okay, if he's against it, it's his job -- not Hillary's -- to make sure that any nominee he votes for is against it as well.

We covered this crap in 2008 when Parry and other nut jobs in the Cult of St. Barack couldn't grasp reality.

It usually went like this, if Hillary and Barack have the same voting record on Iraq (after Barack is sworn in as a senator following the 2004 elections) how does that speak well of Barack?

If you knew the war was wrong, you shouldn't vote to fund it.

He did so repeatedly.

It's really something to see a cowardly, grown man unable to call out a sitting president but raging against someone who's not even in government right now and may or may not run for office.

Robert Parry and his tiny and limp cabbage are an embarrassment to any national dialogue.

It's over, I'm done writing songs about love
There's a war going on
So I'm holding my gun with a strap and a glove
And I'm writing a song about war
And it goes
Na na na na na na na
I hate the war
Na na na na na na na
I hate the war
Na na na na na na na
I hate the war
Oh oh oh oh
-- "I Hate The War" (written by Greg Goldberg, on The Ballet's Mattachine!)

The number of US service members the Dept of Defense states died in the Iraq War is [PDF format warning] 4489.

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