Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Over 600 violent deaths in Iraq this month already

Alsumaria reports that Iraq's Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari met today with a UN delegation which included Jane Holl Lute (Special Adviser of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon) and Gyorgy Busztin (UNAMI Deputy Rep).

In the meeting, Zebari insisted that the UN needed to hasten the resettlement of the Ashraf community from Camp Hurriyah to outside of Iraq.  He also insisted that the government of Iraq had fulfilled all of its obligations to the Ashraf community -- something that will certainly be news to the Ashraf community as well as to members of the US Congress.

Let's quickly note violence.

National Iraqi News Agency reports Tikrit bombing (Aldor district) left 4 civilians dead, a Samarra roadside bombing left 1 Sahwa dead and another injured, 1 police member was shot dead at an Um al-Edham checkpoint, a Muradid roadside bombing left two police members injured, a southern Baghdad (Dora district) roadside bombing left four people injured, a Baghdad sticky bombing left one cab driver injured, 2 bombings "south of Kirkuk" left six police members injured, a western Baghdad (Ghazliya area) drive-by left 1 civilian dead, 2 taxi drivers were shot dead in "two separate incidents in Mosul," a Mosul roadside bombing left seven people injured, a Safet Village roadside bombing left 3 Iraqi soldiers dead and three more injured, an armed battle in Mosul left 7 rebels dead, a southern Baghdad (al-Mada'in district) attack left 1 Ministry of Communications employee shot dead, a Jurf al-Sakhar battle left 7 rebels dead,  a Sulaiman Bek bombing assassination attempt on Salahuddin Province Police Chief Jomaah Saadoun did not harm the chief but left 3 of his bodyguards dead, and a Kirkuk attack on MP Arshard Salhi (Turkmen Front leader) did not harm Salhi but the bombing left two civilians injured.

All Iraq News adds, : "Unidentified gunmen attacked a military checkpoint in Muthana quarter of eastern Mosul with a grenade to result in injuring a soldier and four women who were near the checkpoint."

Through yesterday, Iraq Body Count counts 592 violent deaths in the month so far.  That means, with today, over 600 violent deaths in Iraq so far this month.

Nouri's forces continue their mass arrests:  81 people were arrested in Mosul, 26 arrested in Basra, and 14 arrested inTikrit.

He's learned nothing, certainly not how to reduce the tensions.

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