Monday, February 24, 2014

Now the State Dept is worried? Now?

Yesterday Iraq's Foreign Ministry issued the following:

Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari received on February 22, 2014 a telephone call from the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry , and discussed a number of issues of common interest concerning promotion of peace and security in the country and the ongoing preparations for the elections, in addition to the Syrian crisis .

        Mr. Kerry stressed support of the U.S. administration for the government's efforts in the fight against terrorism.

        For his part, Foreign Minister Zebari affirmed keenness and commitment of the government to provide the best atmosphere for holding the legislative elections, and to shift the security and political situation in Anbar province in favor of the democratic process.

        The Minister also reviewed repercussions of the Syrian crisis on the security and humanitarian situation in the country. Both sides agreed on continuing communication to exchange views on the latest developments in the region.

Kerry's supports their fight against terrorism?

Kerry supports Nouri al-Maliki's attack on the Iraqi people.

If there's anything more shameful than John's repeated waffling on the Iraq War, it's his embrace of the slaughter of the Iraqi people and sliding the cover of 'terrorism' over the dead in order to conceal what's really taking place.

They don't care about that.

But the little weasels at the State Dept are outraged over Reuters reporting Iraq's just signed a weapons deal with Iran.  Fox News notes that the State Dept is demanding answers from Iraq about the deal.

Chicken Nouri hid out in Iran for years and years (also in Syria for years) and Iraq shares a border with Iran and Nouri has the backing and support of the Iranian government.

What part of any of that was ever confusing to the US government?

Because this deal is really nothing.

The real issue, which we noted years ago, is the US government is providing Iraq with F-16s which means they're providing Iran with all the technology.

No one gave a damn about that.  No one paid attention to that aspect.

Years and years ago, the Israeli government was concerned about Iraq's military capabilities.  Specifically, they were bothered by one fighter jet.

They got an Iraqi pilot to fly it into Israel and defect to the country.

This was under Saddam Hussein's rule.

When people want information they find a way to get it.  (The pilot was well paid and his entire family was granted asylum.)

Does anyone really think, once Nouri receives his first F-16, that Iran's going to have to pay off an Iraqi pilot to get a look at an F-16?


Nouri's probably going to give them a guided tour.

For years, people have been raising objections -- humanitarian and security objections -- to arming Nouri.

The only time the State Dept frets is when they find out that Iraq will also be buying weapons from Iran?

It would appear the only operating principle of the US State Dept is greed.

National Iraqi News Agency reports Iraqi Major General Mohammed al-Dulaimi insists that they killed 2 Da'ash with four more injured, 1 government employee was shot dead in al-Jebinat, police officer Yassin al-Kurwy was shot dead in al-Muqdadiyah, a Tuz Khurmato roadside bombing left 1 person dead, Joint Operations Command declares they killed 2 suspects in Nineveh Province, Diyala Operations Command declares they killed 9 suspects in the province today, an armed battle in Khirbet Aaziz Aziz Village left three Iraqi military personnel injured, a southern Baghdad attack (Alyusfiyah area) left 1 civilian and 1 police member injured, a Taji roadside bombing left 1 person dead, a woman was wounded in an eastern Baghdad shooting, 1 corpse was discovered in Kirkuk  and the corpse of 1 truck driver was discovered in the streets of Baghdad.

We'll cover Falluja as the start of the snapshot.  The news there is awful.

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