Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nouri bungles again

If you ever doubted Nouri al-Maliki's ability to lead, it's on full display right now.  Tomorrow is the big terrorism conference that Brett McGurk's endlessly praised Nouri for.  The State Dept's Brett has praised this effort to bring the region's countries together to address the issue.

But today comes the news that two won't be participating.  NINA reports Qatar and Saudi Arabia have decided not to participate.  This decision comes after Saturday's broadcast of Nouri al-Maliki's interview where he slammed Qatar and Saudi Arabia repeatedly.  (See Saturday's "Nouri 'celebrates' International Women's Day" and "Iraq snapshot.")

So now two big regional players won't be present?

What leadership, he shows.  That's sarcasm.  And his big mouth is also responsible for a building being burned down today.  We'll cover that in the snapshot.

All Iraq News notes another ridiculous move by Nouri, he hosted the Red Cross today to discuss the Syrian refugees in Iraq.

What is it?  15% of them are in Iraq proper?  The bulk are in the KRG.  Nouri's turned them away and refused to accept them.  He's publicly whined about the strain they present on his budget.  But how he preens in photos of the meet-up today, pretending he's a humanitarian.

He's a pedophile engaged in child trafficking as demonstrated by his effort last week to lower the age for girls to marry to *nine-years-old.*

[Dona note:  C.I/'s post was changed from "nine" to five and Isaiah's comic redone -- both are at Flickr -- to change nine to five by me.  I wrongly thought an e-mail was correct about an error.  The e-mail was one error, my changing the things was the second error.  My apologies to community members, readers, C.I. and Isaiah.]

He's pure trash.

NPR has a 'report' 'on' Iraq that we'll take on in the snapshot.  For now, Ann's left a comment on it and copied it into an e-mail "in case it never makes it up at NPR."

So NPR publishes Alice Fordham who covered the Iraq War for Rupert Murdoch and the comments are all about Bush?
How typical and self-righteous as well as uninformed.
I consider Bush a War Criminal.
What's going on right now isn't about him. I'm not surprised Fordham plays the terrorist card, she learned it well under Murdoch.
But, fellow Americans, if you could take a moment to stop babbling about Bush, go over to Human Rights Watch and read their reports on Anbar.
Nouri al-Maliki is using collective punishment -- a War Crime. The Common Ills has pointed this out since the assault on Anbar began at the end of December.
Nouri's forces are killing innocents including children and they're bombing hospitals.
You may think you look really informed when you grumble about Bush in this story.
Maybe to an echo chamber you do.
But I'm a Green and you just look like people who want to talk but don't want to take the time required to learn the facts.
This isn't 2004.
There's a reason Senator Robert Menendez didn't want to arm Nouri and it took weeks of strong-arming him by the current White House for Nouri to get the Hellfire missiles he's now using on the people of Anbar.
It is true that War Criminal Bush appointed Nouri in 2006.
It's also true he lost the 2010 elections.
For 8 months he refused to step down and with the support of the US and Iran, he didn't have to.
Barack Obama is the one who ordered US officials to broker The Erbil Agreement which gives -- as The Common Ills points out repeatedly -- Nouri a second term by going around the Iraqi Constitution, concpets of democracy and the will of the Iraqi people.
That contract was signed because there was no government for 8 months following the election. The contract dictated a power-sharing government. But after Nouri signed it, he refused to honor it and the White House that had promised the Kurds a power-sharing agreement, President Barack Obama who had personally called Ayad Allawi to go back into Parliament on its first meeting in months (November 2010)? They suddenly ignored their promises.
NPR didn't report it accurately in real time. It's no surprise they're offering nonsense now.

    I'm saying right now, Ann's got one of the two "Truest statement of the week"s at Third on Sunday for the above.

    I repeatedly acknowledge that people can only be as informed as their news media allows.  And the news media doesn't want to cover Iraq, not in this country.  But at some point, it is the fault of Americans.  When you've got Human Rights Watch sounding alarms and all you can do is whine about Bully Boy Bush?  You're just sporting your ignorance like it's a new hat.

    If you haven't before, click here for HRW's Iraq section.

    National Iraqi News Agency reports 2 people were shot dead in Mosul, a Mosul roadside bombing injured five bodyguards of Hussein Juma'a ("Adviser of the head of Hajj and Umrah"), 2 suicide bombers took their own lives in Mosul and the lives of 3 police members with four more police left injured, Joint Operations Command announced they killed 4 suspects outside Falluja, an Anbar incident left Major General Ali Ghazi al-Hashemi "shot in his left foot," a battle in Mosul left 1 fighter dead, another injured and 1 federal police member dead, security forces in Ramadi say they killed 4 suspects and wounded six more, and a Sadr City roadside bombing left 2 people dead and four more injured.

    The following community sites -- plus Antiwar.com, Cindy Sheehan, NPR and The Bat Segundo Show -- updated:

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    Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Nouri The Child Molester" went up earlier.  I'll change the time stamp so it'll be on top and the last thing here before the snapshot.  Yesterday, his "The 'Patriot' takes a Stand" went up and Kat's "Kat's Korner: Are you listening to Ben Taylor?" went up Sunday.