Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Nouri The Child Molestor and the media that covers for him

From yesterday, that's  Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Nouri The Child Molester" about Nouri's effort to lower the marriage age for girls to nine-years-old and to strip mothers of their custodial rights.

Human Rights Watch weighed in yesterday with "Iraq: Don’t Legalize Marriage for 9-Year-Olds" and that's already had an impact leading RTT and UCA News to pick up the story.

But where's everyone else?

This is a human rights issue.  So CNN, CBS, NBC and ABC, why aren't you covering it?

Or NPR for that matter?

It's another case of when it effects females, it's not 'news,' it's 'special interest.'

But if you're a feminist (I am), don't sit too proud on that high horse.  Ms. has plenty of time to follow the celebs, they just can't cover the news.

Women's Media Center?

Not a word.

This is appalling -- both the move and the lack of coverage of it.

Diana Moukalled has a column on the move which is carried by Asharq Al-Awsat and Al Arabiya News. The column notes:

The suggested Iraqi draft law strips women who belong to the Ja’afari Shi’a sect of their basic marriage, divorce and inheritance rights, and worst of all, permits the marriage of nine-year-old girls. One cannot but be shocked by the delinquency of those who approved the draft law, and yet here it is now on its way to parliament for approval.

At Rudaw, Ruwayda Mustafah Rabar weighs in on the measure and its meaning:

Female activists in Baghdad gathered at Parliament to protest a proposed Ja’fari Personal Status Law which will permit the marriage consummation for girls as young as nine-years-old. The women wore black, to mourn the regression of women’s rights in Baghdad. It is perhaps strange that with the fall of Saddam Hussein women’s rights have regressed, as opposed to progressing. While other countries’ judicial systems attempt to elevate the status of women by ensuring they are treated equally before the law, in Baghdad women’s rights violations are sanctified through the law.
What was perhaps the most saddening part of the protest was the low turnout, the lack of male presence to stand by women in the fight against patriarchy. Instead, a few women gathered, all of them were from the ‘older generation’ and they held homemade placards. It is no surprise that the current political climate in Iraq deters women, especially young women, from feeling comfortable enough to become socio-politically active.
Patriarchy is on the rise in Iraq because of the influx of religious thought which is not only interpreted at the expense of women’s rights but also heavily influenced by sectarian, as well as cultural, beliefs. When society fails to recognize the human rights of women, you would be correct to assume that a higher law, applicable to all citizens, would enshrine such rights. But unfortunately this is not the case for Iraq.

The repeated failure of the US media to note what takes place in Iraq does register and it especially registers in the Arab world when US feminists can't speak on important issues like child enslavement (that's what it is, no 9-year-old girl is honestly going to say, "Can I please marry the 40-year-old man?").

You can waste our time attacking women, Ms. magazine.

In the latest effort from your little con artist who pimped a false quote to make Beyonce a feminist (see "Editorial: The 'pro-woman' propaganda dumped on the feminist movement."), the con artist is now attacking actresses.

I'm sorry that you don't like the plot of Dreamgirls but Jennifer Hudson didn't write that Broadway musical and it's really cheap and tacky of your con artist to attack her, Halle Berry, Whoopi Goldberg, Octavia Spencer and other Academy Award winning women for plots they didn't write.  Octavia, by the way, will be on Monday's Mom (CBS).  She's created a strong recurring character on that show, as you know if you've been watching, and you won't want to miss it.  (Halle Berry's Extant premiers July 7th on CBS.)

The con artist at Ms.  is such a stupid idiot.  She's the woman who shows every ten years to applaud a Cyndi Lauper -- who does deserve applause no question, but not applause that comes by ripping apart every woman that came before.  These women can't just enjoy, for example, Cyndi's radical reworking of an oral sex song into a feminist anthem ("Girls Just Want To Have Fun"), they have to insist that every female artist who came before did nothing.

Pay attention, Ms., every time you run that little hustler's crap -- which always maintains that this or that woman just changed everything and led a revolution with a song, a movie performance or a pole dance -- you are as guilty as anyone else of forcing feminists to constantly 'relearn the wheel.'  The con artist spits on history, spits on women of the past and, in doing so, reinforces the false notion that we, as women, have no history to claim or to be proud of.  Shame on you.

Janell's Beyonce 'report' would have gotten her fired from any other outlet with a real editor asking her where she got her quote since that isn't what, in fact, Beyonce told Vogue -- there's no defense for a writer getting that wrong -- attributing Beyonce's defense of her tits and ass stage costumes as Beyonce answering a question about feminism.  Janell does know how to read, right?

What others would fire, Ms. keeps because a woman who writes with all the wisdom of a hormonal teenager  is an apparent treasure.  

I am so damn sick of con artists like Janell who lie and who smear the women who came before -- Academy Award winning actresses -- just because her vagina got moist over some new lovely.

Here's a tip, Janell, masturbate before you start typing not during.  You'll come off a lot less ridiculous if you've already cum.