Monday, March 17, 2014

Nouri needs a center to study terrorism?

Al Shorfa reports that Nouri's Cabinet has decided to build a center to study terrorism.  Nouri's apparently willing to give up his amateur status and go for a degree in death and destruction to really polish up on his killing skills.

His assault on Anbar continues.  His bombing of Falluja's residential neighborhood today have killed 1 child and 1 woman while leaving five more family members injured and a military bombing in Anbar last night left four civilians injured.  Al Mada notes that Parliament will attempt to discuss the Anbar assault.

They've tried this before.  In the most recent attempt, Nouri and his flunkies refused to attend.

Through Sunday, Iraq Body Count counts 530 violent deaths so far this month.

Sunday was the 16th which means there are fifteen more days of death left to count.

Including today which saw corpses dumped across Iraq and the targeted included a Shabak and a doctor.

National Iraqi News Agency reports an eastern Mosul roadside bombing left 1 person dead and another injured, Joint Operations Command announced they killed 4 suspects in Anbar,  the Ministry of the Interior announced they killed 8 suspects in Anbar,  1 person was shot dead in Abu Ghraib, a Ramadi suicide bomber took his own life and the life of 1 Iraqi soldier while leaving four more injured, 1 Shabak was shot dead in Mosul, 1 suspect was shot dead in Mosul, Zahid Ismail ("director of the Office of the Turkmen Front in Mosul") was shot dead near his al-Rashidiya home, a Babil battle left 2 rebels dead, a Balad Ruz motorcycle bombing left 1 police member dead and four more injured, and a Wahed Huzairan roadside bombing left three family members injured.  All Iraq News adds 4 corpses were discovered in Haditha (all four were kidnapped yesterday).  Ghassan Hamid and Mohammed Shafiq (Alsumaria) report a doctor was shot dead in his clinic west of Mourl.  Safaa Abdel-Hamid and Mohammed Shafiq (Alsumaria) report 3 corpses were discovered in Baghdad.

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