Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nouri's promise of proof vanishes

Ma'ad Fayad (Asharq Al-Awsat) reports:

The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Nechervan Barzani, has expressed surprise at comments made earlier this month by Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki, in which he accused Saudi Arabia of sponsoring terrorism in Iraq.
Speaking exclusively to Asharq Al-Awsat via telephone from Erbil on Tuesday, Barzani said: “What are the reasons behind the accusations at this specific time? . . . We have not seen evidence of Saudi sponsorship of terrorism in Iraq before, and we have not seen any evidence proving Saudi responsibility for recruiting or assisting terrorist organizations or groups there.”

Yeah, what are the reasons?

We all get how valid that question is, right?

Thursday, Nouri wrapped up his failed, two-day security conference.

And did so without proof.

Remember proof?

Nouri hopes you don't.

He made the accusations against Saudi Arabia and Qatar in an interview to France24.

And then?

Last Wednesday, Anadolu Agency reported that Qassem Atta was telling the press, "Iraq will present evidence [of countries supporting terrorism] to conference participants, with lawsuits being a possibility."  Poor Atta, head of the committee that did the prep work for the failed conference and now Nouri's also made him a public liar.

No proof was offered.

Arab News reported earlier this week, "Saudi Arabia on Monday denounced Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki for accusing the Kingdom of being involved in terrorism, and said the embattled leader was only trying to cover up for his government’s failures and support for terrorist operations in his own country."

Through Tuesday, Iraq Body Count counts 585 violent deaths for the month so far.

AFP notes, "In Wednesday's deadliest incidents, shelling by government forces in Fallujah and clashes in and around the city killed 15 people and wounded 40, according to Ahmed Shami, the chief medic at the city's main hospital."  National Iraqi News Agency reports an attack on a Tarqiah Village checkpoint left 3 Sahwa dead and two civilians injured, a Muqdadiyah attack left 1 police officer and 2 of his bodyguards injured, 2 people were shot dead in Taji, 3 Samarra houses were bombed today leaving 2 children dead and seven adults ("including two policemen, police officer"] injured, a battle in Jurf al-Sakar left 2 rebels dead, the Ministry of the Interior states that they killed 5 suspects in Jurf al-SakharJoint Operations Command boasts they they burned alive 10 suspects who were in cars they set ablaze, a Laitfiya sticky bombing left 1 person dead, 1 Shabak was shot dead in Mosul, an Alshura roadside bombing left 1 Iraqi soldier dead and two more injured, an Alfarisiys roadside bombing claimed 1 life and left four more people injured, an Albahbhan roadside bombing left 3 "army personnel" dead and four more injured, Baghdad Operations Command announced they killed 8 suspects, a Samarra bombing left 1 person dead and four more injured, 2 western Baghdad bombings (Alnasr Wassalam area) left 1 person dead and five more injured, federal police colonel Abboud dawood was shot dead leaving a Mosque in Jood Village at dawn, and, late last night, the "Imam of Sheikh Abdullah mosque [was shot dead], in front of his home south of Mosul."  Alsumaria notes the Wassalam (western Baghdad) bombing death toll increased by 1 to two people dead, a Mosul grenade attack left two police members injured, and in 2 separate shootings east of Mosul 2 bodyguards for a judge were shot dead.  In addition, All Iraq News reports:

Security source reported to AIN ''Nine mortar shells hit the houses of the civilians in several areas of Salah-il-Din province that resulted in killing five children, two women and four men.''''Seven IEDs were detonated targeting the houses of the police elements in Samarra city that resulted in killing (11) persons, among them four children and seven women,'' the source added.

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