Tuesday, April 01, 2014

More blood on Barack's hands as Nouri kills more civilians

Barack has blood on his hands again today.  His rabid dog Nouri continues terrorizing and killing Iraqis.  Nouri continues attacking civilians in Falluja. Anadolu Agency reports, "At least eight civilians were killed and 16 others injured in Iraqi army shelling of Fallujah in the western Anbar province, a medical official said." And NINA notes today, two civilians were wounded from Nouri's continued bombings of residential neighborhoods in Falluja.  The whorish Center of American Progress and the always war-whoring Time magazine are trumpeting 'no deaths in Iraq or Afghanistan' for the month of March but what they really mean is no US deaths.  Considering that both wars were sold on the lie that they would improve the lives of the people in those countries, the deaths or non-deaths of US 'peacekeepers' really aren't the issue. But it's the whoring we've come to expect from those who pimp war.

Grasp that their countries get invaded with the lie that it will make their lives better and 13 years later for Afghanistan, 11 for Iraq, the people are dying in large numbers still and you think you look anything less than self-involved as you trumpet "No deaths!"

It's not just the US military failed to win hears and minds, it's also the stupid American press who don't stop to think how they're 'whoops of joy' play out around the world.

In Iraq today, deaths continue.   National Iraqi News Agency reports a Meshahda roadside bombing left 3 people dead, a car bombing in near Tikrit University left 5 dead and seven injured, the Iraqi military killed 2 suspects to the east of Mosul,  2 police members were shot dead in Alqahira1 corpse was discovered in Sadr Citylate last night 3 people were shot dead in Khalis, and an Arab Jabar Village bombing left 1 Sahwa dead and another injured,

April 1st, which means campaigning can officially kick off.

See if you can figure out the problem with the following.

Sameer N. Yacoub (AP) reports, "If the fighting goes on, Iraqi military officials say it would be impossible to hold elections inside the city of Fallujah, west of Baghdad, which has been taken over by the militants — but they hint the vote could perhaps be held on the city's outskirts. As many as a third of the province's cities might be affected, election officials say."  AFP words it, "Though not officially confirmed, the vote appears unlikely to take place throughout parts of the western desert province of Anbar, which has been wracked by violence since the beginning of the year, with militants holding control of an entire town on Baghdad’s doorstep."

Where in there does either outlet note that the US government publicly stated elections must take place everywhere?  Or that the United Nations stated the same?

That 'detail' needs to be included.  But they don't do it because they're stroking their inner Quil Lawrence.

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