Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Worldwide Wave of Action

David DeGraw notes the following:

The Worldwide Wave of Action is about to get a HUGE BOOST!!

On today's organizing call we will unveil the new #WaveOfAction organizing network / online platform.  Forget about Facebook and all those digital plantation social media companies that suppress activism and sell your private information to the highest bidder.  We have our own network now, and it's being developed specifically for people who are Being the Change

We already have a bunch of critical tools built into the site, and in collaboration with activists around the world we are going to develop many more in an open-sourced, co-creative way.

If you haven't already registered to be on our organizing calls, RSVP here to be on today's call.

The call starts soon, at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT. 

The first hour will feature a recap from the inspiring Cowboy Indian Alliance, Reject & Protect, Stop the Keystone XL Wave of Acton that swept through DC and set up an encampment by the White House.  We will also recap Earth Day actions, give updates on May Day organizing and Fight for the Future will talk about what we can do to free the internet from NSA surveillance.
The second hour will be dedicated to the new organizing network and open questions.
We are incredibly excited to unleash this new platform, it's exactly what we need!!
Talk to you at 1 EST,