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Iraq's election was rigged?

Wednesday, Iraqis voted in parliamentary elections.  Some Iraqis voted and some of the Iraqis voting ended up voting more than once.  This is from the opening of Iraq Surveys and Dirk Adriaensens "Fraudulent Elections In Iraq" (Brussells Tribunal):

High Risks &  Dangers on Personal Security of Voters in the recent Iraqi elections in 2014 Elections Security Breaches and Concerns by Iraq Surveys ISS

In recent elections held in Iraq and in Numerous Centres in Other countries ISS Concentrated on a few interesting procedures that were taken in 2014 in comparison to the previous elections in 2010. In this Short report we wish to express our high concern for the privacy and personal safety of citizens who chose to participate in these elections.

The General Environment

The 2014 Elections comes in a very critical time in Iraq where security is a major challenge. 6 of Iraq's 18 provinces are outside the control on Nouri Al Maliki and Battles are raging daily between Tribes that revolted to defend their rights and cities in retaliation to Maliki's Attack in January. Terror Groups also active giving Nouri the Media coverage he needs to request aid from international powers in the name of Fighting Terror. Southern Provinces are furious on failures of the Maliki Government to deliver services. Kurdish Provinces in serious conflict with Baghdad government on financial & Oil exporting Issues. Election Centres have been attacked or mortared in areas, and thousands of displaced Iraqis from the fighting in Anbar were forced to vote in provinces other than theirs mostly from Erbil. Unlike 2010 In which elections were previously held in a considerably safer environment, this 2014 elections was carried out not only in an environment that should have dictated Its postponement in the interest of voters safety and electoral process credibility but also several new & interesting procedures conclude that the persistence in pursuing the elections in these grave circumstances were the result of numerous pressures from within the installed political precess and from regional & international ones each for its own sets of reasons and interests.

The Voting Cards

Early March Iraq Surveys received an image of Voting cards that were issued to selected voters one classified and civilian and others Military. The problem was that cards belonged to the same person and only the serial numbers, addresses & Electoral centre were changed on Ids in order for it to go undetected by the electoral database search tool. This allows the person to elect any specified candidate more than once discrediting the hole implemented procedure altogether. Never-the-less, the electoral commission avoids commenting as it had no logical explanation to this issue leaked by us to local and international media at the time.

Read the entire article.   It's an important one.

So Nouri rigged the elections?

Well why not?

He's already a War Criminal.  He's intentionally killing civilians in Falluja by bombing the residential neighborhoods of that city. National Iraqi News Agency reports Falluja Educational Hospital's Dr. Ahmed Shami states the death toll has now reached 267 with another 1230 injured and that these include "women and children."  For four months this has been going on and where's the outcry?   It continued today with Falluja Hospital receiving eight injured civilians and the bodies of 2 dead civilians.

Where is the outcry?

For four months, Nouri's gotten away with these War Crimes.  How high does the death toll have to get before people start giving a damn?  It went beyond 267 today.  But that's not news apparently, the western press doesn't care.

National Iraqi News Agency reports a Mosul shooting left two police members injured, 1 person was shot dead near his Mosul home, Mayor Faleh Motar was shot dead in central MosulJoint Special Operations Command states they killed 6 suspects in Falluja (seven more injured), 3 Sahwa members were shot dead in Baghdad with five more left injured, an attack on a Jurfis-Sakhar checkpoint left four Iraqi soldiers injured,  security forces say they killed 1 suicide bomber in Salah al-Din Province, a battle in Sindeg Village left 4 rebels dead and eight Iraqi soldiers injured, a Baquba bombing left two police members injured, an attack on an apartment complex "near the University of Samarra" left 1 person dead and seven more injured, an al-Qaim battle left 2 Iraqi soldiers dead, 4 rebels dead and a police member injured, and the corpses of 5 Iraqi soldiers were discovered in al-Fadilliyah.  Xinhua adds, "Ten Shiite pilgrims were killed and 29 others injured in three attacks on Saturday after they participated in a religious event in northern Iraq, police said."

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