Friday, May 30, 2014

Nouri bombs Falluja General Hospital

Since January, Nouri al-Maliki has been committing War Crimes.  He claims that terrorists are among those people in Falluja.  Falluja is a populated city with many civilians.  Nouri has been bombing it which is collective punishment -- when you attack a populated area because of the presence of 'evil doers.'  It is a legally defined War Crime.  The US government recognizes it as such in treaties and laws.

Yet they've looked the other way while Nouri's carried out War Crimes by bombing civilian areas of Falluja killing and wounding civilians.

A White House friend insists they are not looking the other way and notes Vice President Joe Biden's call to Nouri earlier this month as proof since Joe stressed the need to ensure the protection of civilians.

Well the call obviously did nothing because Nouri's continued to target civilians.

But I'll be fair and note that point -- much fairer than the White House is to Iraqi civilians.

NINA reports Falluja General Hospital has been hit with 7 mortars.  This is not the first time Nouri has bombed hospitals in Falluja or even the fist time that he's bombed Falluja General.

Who in America will speak out?

Kathy Kelly is noted in a piece we posted earlier today.  I've always seen Kathy as one of the most worthless people on the left with her faux cheery disposition (I sound like my old friend Bette Davis sharpening her teeth on Celeste Holme -- so be it). She takes such pride in never placing blame -- well blame needs to be placed, when people are dying, the root causes need to be called out.  But what Kathy had to offer was that she supposedly brought that cheery Mommy Teresa of the Left nature to shine a light on the suffering around the world.

So why has Kathy repeatedly ignored Iraq for the last five or six years?

And why can't she speak out against the bombings of hospitals, water plants and power plants in Falluja?

(Because she's really CIA, many would insist.  I don't think so because she lacks the complex intelligence to be CIA.)

NINA reports that Nouri's bombing of the residential neighborhoods of Falluja have left ten people injured today -- two of which were children.

Again, who's going to be speaking out in the United States?

Dennis Bernstein is as silent as Kathy and when Dennis Bernstein won't cry on air for you, pretty much no one will.  (Dennis Bernstein is the host of Flashpoints on KPFA).

In other violence, National Iraqi News Agency reports an Aljazeerah roadside bombing left 1 "explosives expert" dead, and 3 women were killed in Wlowash Village when assailants stormed homes,.  All Iraq News adds that 2 Sahwa were killed in Muqdadiya with a third left injured,

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