Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Legion statement on VA secretary nominee

The American Legion issued the following statement:

American Legion National Commander Daniel Dellinger expressed hope that President Obama’s nominee for secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs is willing to confront the serious issues facing the department and “put veterans ahead of the bureaucracy.”

 “The American Legion, by its own constitution and bylaws, is prohibited from endorsing or opposing political nominees,” Dellinger said.

 “However, we do look forward to monitoring the confirmation hearings and listening to Robert McDonald’s plan to correct the policies that have led to the systemic scandals, and ensure that VA can once again provide what has been called, ‘the best health care anywhere.’ He will need to have complete hiring and firing authority, along with a willingness to see that those who committed illegal acts are prosecuted. The American Legion, through its System Worth Saving Task Force and policy experts, is eager to work with the new VA secretary to make the department a health-care system worthy of the service and sacrifice of the millions of veterans that it was created to serve.”