Friday, September 19, 2014

The violence never ends

Kim Willsher (Guardian) announces France has joined in the bombing of Iraq.  BBC News notes, "A statement said planes had attacked an IS depot in north-east Iraq, and there would be more raids in the coming days.  The US has carried out more than 170 air strikes against the jihadist group in Iraq since mid-August."

It's like the early days of The Drone War -- no one talks about civilians killed.  No, instead they all pretend that there are precision bombings and, magically, these bombs only kill 'evil' people while protecting the 'good.'

All Iraq News reports:

The Supreme Religious Authority called the political leaders to be aware to avoid harming the national sovereignty through the foreign support that aims at fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant terrorists.

AP notes a Baghdad bombing killed 8 people today.  National Iraqi News Agency notes it was a car bomb in central Baghdad and that, in addition to the dead, at least 28 people were left injured.

NINA also notes a motorcycle bombing in Kirkuk which left 8 people dead and twenty-two more injured.

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