Friday, September 19, 2014

Yes, the Iraq War drags on

The bordello must have closed for the day.  How else to explain who let the whores out?

The over-praised Gene Lyons did a slow fade mainly because his columns always had what-I-did-on-my-summer-vacation tone to them.  Unable to write in a manner that would interest enough readers, Lyons is a failure as a columnist.  He badly wrote on an important topic in the book Fools For Scandal but like so many others, the rank smell of his hypocrisy led everyone to flee the room.

He's back this week with another bitter bit of b.s.

Oh, that awful Bully Boy Bush but what choices did poor Barack have blah blah blah . . .

I know idiots like Bob Somerby lap this crap up but really aren't most people starting to see through it?

Are we really mistaking calling out the disgraced Bully Boy Bush as 'courageous'?

Reality, Lyons should be calling out his own damn self.

Bully Boy Bush thankfully left the White House in January 2009.

What has little Lyonds done on Iraq in that time?

Where has his focus been?

Bully Boy Bush's occupation of the White House was the best thing that could have happened for hacks like Lyons.  It let them pretend they had ethics and courage.  All the things they were silent on during Bill Clinton's presidency suddenly mattered.

How politically courageous they were!

What an awakening!

But then another Democratic got into the White House and they no longer cared.

Worse than no longer caring, worse than being silent, they abused their positions in the media to attack when real questions needed to be asked.

You can lie to yourself all you want, what the IRS did was abusive and criminal.

Whether or not that leads up to the White House, I have no idea.

But the failure of Lyons and others to call out Lois Lerner for refusing to testify to Congress?

For refusing to testify about what she did on the job while being paid by US taxpayers?

They're whores, useless whores.

The families of James Foley and Steven Sotloff are being ignored or dismissed by these supposedly 'brave' voices of the faux left.  Pat Smith has been treated like garbage (her son Sean Smith died in Benghazi on Septmeber 11, 2012 along with Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and US Ambassador Chris Stevens).  You may believe there was nothing wrong or suspicious in those events but even if that's the case how do you condone refusing to support a mother's search for answers as to why her son was killed?

Over and over, the Gene Lyons demonstrate they don't exist for principles or reasons.  They only hang around to distract from Democratic scandals and to dismiss real questions.

The US never left Iraq -- that's why the military called it a "drawdown" and not a "withdrawal."  And having been wrongly applauded for 'ending' the Iraq War (violence doesn't generally increase after a war 'ends'), Barack's now sending more US troops in (more because he sent a unit of special ops in back in the fall of 2012 while running for re-election on the lie that he ended the illegal war and it wasn't 'brave' Gene Lyons that broke that story, it was Tim Arango and the New York Times).

What these whores could call out when Bully Boy Bush did it now finds them all pensive, strumming guitars and aping early Joni Mitchell:

Funny day, looking for laughter and finding it there
Sunny day, braiding wild flowers and leaves in my hair
Picked up a pencil and wrote "I love you" in my finest hand
Wanted to send it, but I don't know where I stand

Well figure out where you stand, bluster boys, because Iraqis are suffering from the ongoing war the US government started -- the same one that the US government continues.

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