Friday, October 10, 2014

Let the revulsion build

A news outlet has been bombed in Anbar, 8 civilians (all members of one family) were killed in Saladin Province . . .  These are the official bombings done by the government or done for the government of Iraq by foreign governments like the United States.

Meanwhile Shi'ite militias get to be part of the 'security forces.'  They 'secure' Al-Khalis today by terrorizing the people and demanding protection money. In Baquba today, they add kidnapping to their list.

Barack Obama's 'plan' has been a failure in achieving its stated goals but its been even greater failure by providing cover for those who threaten and kill Iraqis -- especially Sunnis.

No, you don't need Nouri as prime minister to terrorize the Sunnis, not after he's brought Shi'ite militias into the security forces and the US and all the other governments so eager to bomb are willing to look the other way.

The US Congress has looked the other way and, turns out, it has registered with the American people.  Emily Ekins reports on Reason's new poll:

Nearly four out of five Americans, 78 percent, say Congress should return to Capitol Hill before the November elections to hold a vote on the authorization for use of military force against Islamic State fighters in Syria and Iraq, the latest Reason-Rupe national telephone poll finds.  Just 16 percent of Americans say Congress should not return to Washington before November to hold a vote on military action in Syria and Iraq.

Congress refused to perform its role and did so right before every member of the House is facing re-election.  If that doesn't demonstrate how little they think of the American people, what does?

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