Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Millennials: Don’t Get Shafted at the Polls!

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WEEKLY ROUND-UP | October 3, 2014


Millennials: Don’t Get Shafted at the Polls!
With midterm elections approaching, efforts to suppress the vote of millennials will only increase. By passing laws designed to cut young people, women and minorities off at the polls, Republican leaders are rendering a vast swath of the population invisible...Read More


NEWSFLASH: All But 7 Texas Abortion Clinics to Shutter
Since only seven clinics in the state meet the new requirement, the rest will be forced to shutter. According to the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR), nearly 1 million women in the state will now have to travel 300 miles or more to get to an abortion clinic....Read More

The Nation’s Police Have a Sex-Discrimination Problem
So, to really get at the problem of police excessive force, the Department of Justice must also, as it examines the impact of racial bias, look at how increasing the numbers of women in policing holds the key to substantially decreasing police violence while also improving police relations with the community...Read More


Iraqi Activist
Iraqi Human Rights Activist Executed
Human rights activist and lawyer Sameera Salih Ali al-Nuaimy was executed by the extremists of the Islamic State. Her crime? She posted criticism on Facebook about ISIS bombing and destroying mosques and shrines throughout the city...Read More


Abortion Restrictions
Surprise! Abortion Restrictions Are Bad for Women
I’m sorry to take the wind from your sails, folks, but a new report
from the Center for Reproductive Rights and Ibis Reproductive Health proves once and for all that abortion restrictions are bad for women...Read More