Friday, November 21, 2014

How many more children will the Iraqi government kill in Falluja?

Since the start of this year, the Iraqi government has illegally bombed the residential areas of Falluja.  Bombing civilians as a form of retribution is known as "collective punishment" and is legally recognized -- both by the US government and the international community -- as a War Crime.

On September 13th, Iraq's new prime minister Haider al-Abadi called out these actions and promised the bombing would now cease.

It didn't even cease for twenty-four hours.  The Iraqi military continues to bomb the residential neighborhoods of Falluja.

Iraqi Spring MC issued the following earlier this morning:

: اطفال تتراوح اعمارهم بين 6 الى 12 سنة هم ضحايا قصف الجيش الحكومي للفلوجة.
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The video features the dead children of Falluja and a soundtrack of wailing family members mourning the deaths.

If you're puzzled as to why these are termed War Crimes, you especially need to stream the video.

If you've been silent for eleven months as these bombings have been carried out daily, you're pretty much required to stream the video.

Among the violence already today in Baghdad, Alsumaria notes a roadside bombing left four people injured and 2 corpses were dumped in the streets (both men had been shot to death).

But today's real trend story appears to be theft (though one or two more kidnappings today could change that -- especially after ten relatives of Anbar politicians were kidnapped today).

Iraq Times reports late yesterday, cars with no license plates but containing several masked individuals forced a car in Basra to a stop and stole at least 60 million dinars -- money that was supposed to pay the salaries of an oil drilling company.  Meanwhile, Alsumaria notes police are telling the press of an even bigger haul.  An employee of one of the Iraqi banks has disappeared after embezzling 40 billion dinars.  Alsumaria also notes that over 100 million dinars were stolen from a Baghdad pharmacist today by an armed militia.

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