Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nancy Pelosi lost her brains on the plastic surgeon's table

Forget leaving your heart in San Francisco . . .

House Minority Failure Nancy Pelosi and her minions better enjoy their small moment while they have it.

Pelosi's already on veterans' radar for her failure to advance their interests.

Then last week, she refused to allow a veteran -- who lost both legs in the Iraq War -- to vote by proxy on leadership assignments.

That's Tammy Duckworth who is pregnant and, in her final weeks, her doctor has ordered her not to travel by plane.

Nancy NO Friend of Veterans refused to allow Tammy to vote.

Because Nancy's petty bulls**t moves were more important than accommodating the medical needs of a veteran who lost both legs in a war that her government sent her into.

Because Nancy's petty bulls**t moves are more important than meeting the medical needs of a pregnant woman.

Nancy's seen to it that hideous Corrine Brown is now a vote away from becoming Ranking Member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee.

For those not up to date on the 'great' Corrine Brown, let's drop back to May of 2012:

Corrine Brown had a freak-fest over a doctor's testimony.  She was already in the land of outrageous when she attacked the integrity of the Office of the Inspector General.  Her remarks were insulting to the work of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee and the work done by the Chair Patty Murray.  (The IG report resulted from a request Murray made when it was clear that the numbers VA witnesses were providing to Congress were in conflict with what veterans were telling the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.)  She hopped on her soapbox for an impassioned lecture that was factually wrong.  (Regarding the VA's referral system.)  And all of this took place before the afternoon.  The hearing started Tuesday morning.  Due to votes, it was still ongoing at 3:00 in the afternoon.  In fact, the second panel was offering testimony then.

Dr. Nicole L. Sawyer was not offering partisan testimony.  She was speaking of veterans needs and treatment issues.  She was speaking of concepts of treatments and this is what enraged Corrine Brown who was already on edge.

She attacked the woman. She was yelling, she was attacking the woman's profession -- attacking all psychologists and insisting that they are not qualified to be witnesses.  [. . .]

Secondly, Corrine Browne was more than happy to listen to psychologists from the VA.  Or maybe she was too stupid to know who was offering testimony?

There was nothing partisan in what the doctor was saying.  She was responding to Chair Jeff Miller's questions and Brown attacked her for it.  Interupted the witness testimony to attack her.  When Miller tried to smooth things over and move on, Brown attacked the woman again as soon as she began to testify.  Brown did not have the floor.

This was appalling behavior and it was apparently motivated by Brown's desire to insist the VA was wonderful and great and there were no problems.  There were her ridiculous remarks that treatment was not about getting well, it was about having X appointments and that's all that the Congress (the body she belongs to) was willing to pay for. 

That's who Nancy is trying to put in charge.

Nancy used to have a brain but that was long, long ago.  (We first noted its absence when junior House member Rahm Emanuel had to rescue a press conference Nancy was supposed to be leading.  She seriously has attention and memory issues that are getting worse as she ages.)

On the heels of her outrageous behavior towards Tammy Duckworth, Nancy has yet again spat on veterans.

Veterans wanted veteran Tim Walz to be the Democratic leader on the House Veterans Affairs Committee.  Walz was recommended by outgoing Ranking Member Mike Michaud who is retiring.

But Nancy's decided to go with Congressional disgrace Corrine Brown -- despite Brown's non-stop attack on veterans throughout the last six years.

She has repeatedly scapegoated them for any problem the administration had and then, as it emerged it was the administration's fault, The Wig Hatter has refused to apologize or correct the record -- or back off from her constant attacks.

Jeff Miller is the Chair of the House Veterans Affairs Committee.  He's a Republican (Republicans control the House -- in January, they'll control both houses of Congress).

Rachel Maddow and other MSNBC 'lovelies' attempted to slam Miller mere months ago.  Remember their line of attack?

Miller hasn't served in the military!

Well Bernie Sanders -- the outgoing Chair of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee hadn't either.

As that was repeatedly pointed out here and elsewhere, they dropped that line of attack on Miller.

You'd think Nancy could see symbolic value in the Ranking Member being a veteran.

But that would require a brain and too many botched surgeries left Nancy with no brain at all.

And on that, Nancy's always playing the woman card.

Sexism exits, it is real.

But it's also true that if you have repeated plastic surgery, you will be made fun of -- Mickey Rourke and Michael Jackson are examples of two men who found that out.

Nancy's problems are not due to sexism.

She's a failure who should have stepped down after the disaster that was the 2010 mid-terms (stepped down from leadership -- and Nancy's my member of Congress -- lucky me -- so I will hold her accountable).

She wants to whine that she's mistreated by the press -- including not getting magazine covers! the horror! -- when the reality is that she made herself a freak show and that was long, long ago.

And I defended her -- and stand by that defense -- when SNL went to town on her.  That was sexism.  (Wiig dressed up in an S&M outfit to portray Pelosi.)

But mocking anyone who had bad plastic surgery?  That's a reality she should have considered somewhere around her fourth face lift.

If I had a face lift and it went badly?  I damn well know people would make fun of me.

Sorry, Nancy, those are the chances you take.

She has been a lousy leader and now she's attacking veterans yet again.

When veterans have made their preference known (Walz) and when they are opposed to a member who has repeatedly disrespected them, insulted them and trashed them?

Only an idiot refuses to listen.

Nancy Pelosi is now an idiot and she needs to be shown the door -- shown it because she clearly can't find it on her own.

Get ready for the Committee to be a laughingstock with Corrine as a leader.

Chair Miller has been very nice to crazy Corrine.

Now that she's the leader?

I doubt all members will be as kind and I'm sure the laughter aimed at her by members on the Committee -- Democrats and Republicans -- will no longer just take place in their offices (there's a Democrat who does a wonderful impression of Corrine in his office) but will begin to emerge in the hearings.

Why not?

She's never knows what she's talking about.

She can't speak properly and stars offering grunts at the end of any long winded statement.

She's a joke.

She's an embarrassment.

She's no friend to veterans.

And this is who Nancy -- through trickery and deceit -- has just made *next in line to be* Ranking Member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee.

I feel very sorry for veterans who have just been disrespected and betrayed.

But, on the bright spot, Corrine's now going to provide lots of entertainment for the country.  A friend at SNL just called to insist Corrine is "a comic goldmine."  Let's hope so.

Better yet, let's hope even stupid Corrine can see that her future as a laughingstock is not a legacy she wants and she'll announce she's no longer seeking the post -- barring that, maybe she'll fail the up and down vote.

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