Friday, December 12, 2014

The Whores of War

I like Charlie Babington but, thing is, I like the truth even more.

So if you whore, you whore and you get called out here.

Nancy Pelosi engaged in some role play and Charlie tries to mislead America with her.

We know this game, those of us who give a damn about Iraq.

It's the game Nancy's played.

You will vote to support war when they need your vote, Nancy will ensure.

But, if they don't need your vote, if they've got enough to win the vote without you, you can vote against it.  You can even make noise about being against it.

The vote in question was on the spending bill, the $1.1 trillion spending bill.  Nancy and Steve Israel, among others voted against it.  Nancy is House Minority Leader and could have killed it if she wanted to.  But she didn't want to.  And she whines publicly about it being a give away for big donors and banks.

But, again, she could have killed it, she chose not to.

It's political theater and nothing more.

Nancy's a liar and she needed to come out against this bill because those of us in her district are pretty damn sick of her at this point and Nancy doesn't want to step down from Congress yet.

It's political theater and, honestly, I'd ignore Babington's nonsense if it wasn't for this outright lie:

It was an unusual spot late Thursday for the veteran California lawmaker, who did as much as anyone to help President Barack Obama enact his landmark health care law and wind down the war in Iraq.

What did that fool just write?

Since September, 3 Americans service member have died in the latest wave of this war and -- if you don't count Special-Ops -- there aren't even three thousands American troops in Iraq or over Iraq right now.  Do we need to offer math skills to the press because the ratio is appalling and there's a good chance it will only get worse as Barack sends more troops into this latest wave of the never ending Iraq War.

Let's go to the Defense Dept to grasp the reality that a whore and liar like Charlie can't and won't tell you:

Airstrikes in Iraq and Syria

Interactive Map
Click on country name for the latest airstrike information.
Iran. Map of the middle east. Iraq. Syria Kuwait. Saudi Arabia. Jordan. Turkey Cyprus. Egypt. Lebanon. Israel. West Bank.

As of Nov. 27, 2014, the total cost of operations related to ISIL since kinetic operations started on August 8, 2014 is $910 million and the average daily cost is $8.1 million.

So click on Iraq -- right now the most recent airstrike info is December 10th -- and read about those bombings and note the fact that, as of November 27th, this wave of the war has already cost $910 million dollars -- and it only started in August.

And then let's all ask Charlie about the Iraq War winding down?

At the current spending levels, we're looking at close to $3 billion being spent on this latest wave from August 2014 to August 2015.

The Iraq War doesn't end, the US government refuses to allow it to end and press whores like Charlie Babington refuse to tell the truth.  Shame on them.

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