Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Iraq: Another journalist killed, more threats against the US made publicly

Don't interrupt the sorrow
Darn right
In flames our prophet witches
Be polite
A room full of glasses
He says "Your notches, liberation doll"
And he chains me with that serpent
To that Ethiopian wall

Anima rising
Queen of Queens
Wash my guilt of Eden
Wash and balance me
Anima rising
Uprising in me tonight
She's a vengeful little goddess
With an ancient crown to fight
-- "Don't Interrupt The Sorrow," written by Joni Mitchell, first appears on her album The Hissing of Summer Lawns

Last week it was Thaer Ali the world ignored.

The journalist was executed by the Islamic State in Mosul and the world yawned.

The death took place in the midst of the US State Dept's laughable "Free the Press" propaganda.

A wordy and useless press release insisted, among other things:

As in years past, the Department will profile on a daily basis journalists or media outlets that are censored, attacked, threatened, disappeared or otherwise oppressed because of their reporting. The purpose of the campaign is to speak out for reporters who otherwise cannot; to call on governments to protect the right to free expression; and to emphasize our own commitment to promoting free expression here in the United States and around the world.

But they didn't 'profile' Thaer.

They were more than willing to use the executions of two American journalists as war propaganda, remember?

But Iraqi journalist Thaer is put before a firing squad in Mosul and it's during "Free the Press" but the State Dept can't be bothered with noting it.

Don't interrupt the sorrow, indeed.

Thaer's death was also ignored by The Committee To Protect Journalists -- or The Committee To Protect Some Journalists.

بغداد: مقتل الاعلامي ومقدم برنامج -مال واستثمار- بقناة الرشيد رعد الجبوري في شقته بمنطقة القادسية.
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That's Raad al-Jubouri, the adult in the photo.  He was a journalist.  Was because he's been killed.

Prensa Latina notes his corpse was discovered in his home.

Will anyone else bother to note the death?

Or how about the parades denouncing and threatening America that various Shi'ite militias are staging in Iraq.  Presna Latina's article zooms in on Moqtada al-Sadr's militia and their threats.

Is the US government, under a timid and weak White House, really in the business of providing arms to a Shi'ite government whose factions are now publicly holding ceremonies to threaten the US with violence?

Is that how it works now?

Is Barack so damn weak that he'll hand over the lunch money to avoid taking a shiner?

And might he need to consult with the people of America, the ones he's supposed to work for, the ones who are the boss in a democracy, about his desire to continue arming thugs who hold rallies and marches to threaten -- to great cheers -- violence against the American people?

Can someone explain at what point the President of the United States calls out public threats against the United States and its citizens?

Or is that part of the job Barack doesn't think he signed up for?

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