Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ramadi has fallen so Haider goes to Russia

Ramadi has fallen to the Islamic State but, not to worry, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declares they have Ramadi surrounded and will soon retake it.

Of course, he made that statement not from Ramadi or even Baghdad.

But from Russia.

Alsumaria reports he also declared that some foreign powers called on him not to go to Russia.

Who could he be speaking of?

It's highly doubtful Iran has any problem with his visit to Russia.

What country might have the biggest problem?

Who could that be?

Right, the United States government.

Did they?

And did they encourage him to not to go to Russia?

No one knows based on the public record but Haider clearly wants to stand on the national stage and imply.

This right after he's gotten US President Barack Obama to hastily deliver missiles.  BBC News reports, "The US military says it is sending 1,000 anti-tank missiles to the Iraqi government following the fall of Ramadi to Islamic State (IS) forces."  Missiles, which, no doubt, the Iraqi military and militias will leave on the ground of a contested city as they rush to flee (based on past performance).

So off he goes to Russia and insults the US.

No doubt, he'll rush to clarify that he was speaking of a super power, but not the US.  He meant this other super power, one that no one's ever heard of and that he can't, of course, name.

Should he be in Russia today?


In the Iraqi press for the last three weeks, one report after another has featured one Iraqi official after another insisting that Iraq needed to secure an alternative country for weapon supply.

So you could argue that this visit was needed.

But even if you argued that, it's still difficult to argue that Haider himself should be out of the country glad handing when the still-not-on-the-run Islamic State is seizing more areas.

Iraqi Spring MC notes that the Iraqi Center for Documentation of War Crimes is stating they will file an appeal with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon over the actions of the militias and Baghdad's SWAT forces as well as the indiscriminate shelling which has injured and killed thousands of Iraqis.

Oh, right.

The bombing of Falluja's residential neighborhoods carried out by the Iraqi government and now having existed for 16 continuous months -- leaving many civilians wounded or dead.

September 13, 2014.  That's the day Haider stood before the press and proclaimed that these bombings (which are War Crimes) were over.  No more.  He had stopped them.

September 14, 2014.  That's the day the bombings continued.

And still continue.

And Haider's off in Russia when he needs to be seeing that his (empty) promises are kept.

More weapons -- from the US and from Russia -- are not the answer to the political crises in Iraq.

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