Saturday, May 23, 2015

Understanding, Appreciating and Saluting Our Soldiers (Detroit's Public Television Channel 56)

Detroit's Public Television Channel 56 has Memorial Day programming:

Understanding, Appreciating and Saluting Our Soldiers

Detroit Public Television/Ch.56 Partners with Michigan State University on Veterans Book

And - Special Programming, Resources On-Air & Online All Weekend Long

As we head off for Memorial Day weekend, we wanted to showcase an incredible weekend of programming from Detroit Public Television that will honor our soldiers. 
But first, we wanted to highlight a project we are very proud of…
Over the last six months, we have worked with Michigan State University on a new book, One Hundred Questions and Answers About Veterans: A Guide for Civilians. This guide has sections on military structure, culture and families, demographics, work, money, deployment and discharge, politics and resources for more study.  The goal of this guide is to help us all understand and appreciate our military.
The book is the product of an excellent program, led by MSU’s Joe Grimm, which develops guides for understanding important communities.  Their work on this project has been outstanding.  It is a pleasure to work with the team at MSU.
You can take a look at the book and purchased a copy by visiting
 As for our weekend line-up…
Detroit Public Television (DPTV) will honor our military men and women with special on-air and online programming, starting tonight at 10 p.m. with the Lincoln Awards: A Concert for Veterans and their military families, during which veterans will be recognized for their sacrifices and achievements.

This will be followed at 11 p.m. with In Performance at the White House: A Salute to the Troops, as President Obama welcomes stars such as Willie Nelson, Mary J. Blige, Common, and others, as well as performing members of the armed services to offer a musical tribute to the service and sacrifice of our troops.

Tomorrow night at 9 p.m., we join The Homefront to explore the true stories of military families, their sacrifices and resilience. And, on Sunday, May 24 at 3 p.m. tune in to A Company of Heroes, a documentary on the men of Easy Company, one of the most revered combat units of World War II. At 4 p.m., see Omaha Beach: Honor and Sacrifice, followed at 5 p.m. by Nickles from Heaven, which recounts the first African-American U.S. paratroopers. Then, at 8 p.m. see the National Memorial Day Concert with hosts Joe Mantegna and Gary Sinise. This annual tribute to America’s military heroes will honor those disabled for life; spotlights children who lost a parent to war; and honors the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII.  Finally, at 11 p.m. on May 24, we present Detroit: Our Vietnam Generation, filmmaker Keith Famie’s conversations with Detroit-area veterans, including the late Bill Bonds.

Spend part of your Memorial Day with DPTV as we air Vietnam War Stories at 11 p.m. This film will feature veterans reflecting on their service, the sacrifices they made and the strong bonds they formed with fellow soldiers.

In addition to our on-air offerings, we invite you to join us online at and check out our resources for veterans and their military families, including special videos with local veterans telling their stories and links to valuable resources.
Finally, if you missed it when it first aired, tune in to the third episode of the award-winning series, Beyond the Light Switch online at whereby producers travel from coast to coast to learn about and document the shifts in thinking taking place in the U.S. military, in business and in communities and the new ideas and products that could help reduce our energy use by relying on alternative sources of electrification.

Spend this Memorial Day with Detroit Public Television as we pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives to save ours.  Have a wonderful Memorial Day.  All the best.