Friday, July 24, 2015

More conflict in Iraq

US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter continues his visit to Iraq today.

: greatest lesson learned from Iraq War is that to achieve lasting victory, it can't be done from outside in 

  • Of the visit, Thomas Gaist (WSWS) observes:

    US military forces in Iraq will take on a more direct combat role once US-backed national and local forces have reconquered territory now controlled by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Thursday during an address to US troops in Baghdad.
    Carter’s visit is part of preparations for another escalation of combat operations in Iraq, relying on an array of proxy forces, in an effort to consolidate Washington’s military grip over the country.

    Who controls the security forces in Iraq?

    Deutsche Welle notes:

    Commanders of Iraqi Shiite militias have said their next focus will be not on Ramadi but Falluja, an adjacent city under insurgent control for more than a year.
    "The government of Iraq has indicated that they have no intention of using the Shiite militia forces as part of the liberation of Ramadi, " [Pentagon spokesperson Col Steve] Warren said Thursday.

    But apparently they have no such concerns about Falluja?

    Or is it just that Haider al-Abadi has no control over the Shi'ite militias?

  • shia militias crime Iraq قبل فترة شيعي يرقص وهو يحرق الشاب عمر القيسي بديالى فقط لان اسمه عمر لحد الان لم يعاقب
  • shia militias crimes burned sunni civilian in Diyala case his name Omer !
  • shia militias crimes من للمستضعفين اخ يبكي اخيه بعد ان احرقته مليشيات الشيعه بالعراق قبل ايام فقط لانه سني
  • shia militias crimes in حرقت قبل ايام مليشات الشيعه سني عراقي بديالى صورة تشرح لك واقع مدمي لسنه العراق
  • shia militias crimes burned sunni civilian in Dyiala so scary crime save sunni civilians in Iraq
  • shia militias crimes جرائم مليشيات الشيعية السيستانية بحق العزل السنه في ديالى من يحمي المدنيين السنه بالعراق

  • shia militias crimes against sunni civilians in Dyiala this militias backed by Iraqi goverment

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