Monday, April 11, 2016

The continued failures in Iraq

As Iraq yet again hits record highs in oil production, another bit of news drives home just how meaningless that news is.  GULF DIGITAL NEWS reports, "Kuwait: Health authorities have decided to put a ban on people bringing items from Iraq this summer."

If they can't carry food from Iraq into Kuwait what does that say about Iraq's agriculture industry?  About the date industry?

The failure to diversify the economy continues.

And the failure to address the annual cholera epidemic is at fault.

Kuwait fears cholera spreading.

Iraq's failure to address that seriously -- with something more than "boil water" -- is now keeping its food products from other countries.

The government long ago should have addressed this with public works programs for water and sanitation.

The failure to repair the public infrastructure is why the cholera outbreaks keep coming.

In other news . . .

Icon & star of western media sectarian |i Shiite criminal Abu Azrael is now on a war crimes mission in

The War Criminals Barack's put the US in bed with are not a minor thing.

The region is watching and there's no pretense of higher ground to follow in the years to come.

Short sighted goals have let the White House look the other way and make one hideous decision after another.

To the point that the top US commander in Iraq is now 'honoring' the dead from the Shi'ite militias who terrorized British citizens and killed US soldiers.

Everyone appears to have a Twitter account these days, even  Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei who Tweets:

  • It would appear Barack's been caught out.

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