Thursday, April 14, 2016

The laughable and long delayed Chilcot report

At one point, it was as highly anticipated as the latest work by J.K. Rowling.  Today, few believe it will even matter.

It didn't have to be that way.

Though the Iraq Inquiry was packed with enablers and misleaders, there were a few independents serving on the committee -- or, if not independent, at least offended by the entire crime that was and is the Iraq War.

But Chair John Chilcot has presided over one of the most embarrassing and laughable inquiries in recent history.

RT reports British MP David Davis is saying the report from the Committee must "be published within the next two weeks."

Public pressure forced Gordon Brown to set up the inquiry.

Yes, Gordon Brown.

When he was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

It was that long ago.

ITV observes, "Chairman Sir John Chilcot began work on the inquiry more than six years ago but repeated delays to the publication of the two million word report have caused outrage among families of soldiers killed in the war."

The committee finished with public testimony in 2011.

Five years later, there's still no published report.

They have had time to take the (private) input of Tony Blair and other 'participants' (War Criminals).

They just still haven't found time to publish.

MIDDLE EAST EYE reports on Davis' call for publication:

However, reports in British media on Wednesday suggested publication would be delayed until after the UK's referendum on EU membership on 23 June.
Davis, who stood against current Prime Minister David Cameron for the Conservative leadership in 2005, is due to lead a backbench debate on Thursday to press the government to ensure checks take no longer than two weeks.

Meanwhile in Iraq, the Parliament's been in the news for the last days.

  • Video captured inside the Parliament, a fight between the & , clarifies how Iran controls the so-called state.

  • Today, many believe a vote will take place.

    Or at least a scuffle.

    Maybe a full blown fist fight.


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