Friday, May 27, 2016

The slaughter of Falluja continues

Remember the nonsense about finding it cute and silly that Haider al-Abadi was blocking the internet?  Oh, it's just to prevent cheating on tests?

No, it wasn't.

But the dumb are always with us and tend to flap their gums louder than anyone.

Haider's censoring the internet.  It's been happening throughout the week to Sunnis and now it's moving beyond them.
  1. Iraqi government block two apps to prevent protesters from posting the events

  1. Apparently blocking the streets isn't enough. Iraqi gov. decided to block as well fearing of protests.

Maybe next time, full of ____ publications like THE ATLANTIC can be less amused and more outraged?

Or would that require a spine?

Then again, THE ATLANTIC was one of the biggest liars and spinners to sell the Iraq War so maybe this is just part of them continuing their past traditions?

Meanwhile NATIONAL IRAQI NEWS AGENCY reports MP Ghaida Kmbh is calling out sectarian speech surrounding Falluja noting that  it was a "captive city" and that the residents were suffering.

Omar al Saleh (AL JAZEERA) details the sort of speech and actions that are worrisome:

As the battle for ISIL-controlled Fallujah has intensified, so has the sectarian rhetoric.
Various militia leaders and officials have made comments of a sectarian nature.
"’Uproot this cancerous tumour," one Shia militia leader said.
"Cleaning Fallujah means cleaning Islam and Iraq," said another militia leader while addressing his fighters.
The media wing for the militias, also known as the Popular Mobilisation Forces, has published videos showing its fighters chanting sectarian slogans while firing rockets on Fallujah.

Other videos show what seems to be indiscriminate firing by multiple rocket launchers.

For another example . . .

  1. - Shia Sectarian: "Don't have mercy on . Rape their women and kill their babies"...

And away from the rah-rah coverage, the reality of what is taking place in Falluja . . .

  1. Shia militias crimes تحرير مو؟ الحشد الشيعي الايراني يقتل اطفال اهل السنه بالقنابل العنقودية انتقام وحقد دفين
  2. Iraqi Sunnis children victims of Shia militias airstrikes on Where the media??!

The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq Lisa Grande states, "We are receiving distressing reports of civilians trapped inside Fallujah who are desperate to escape to safety, but can't.  Parties to the conflict are obliged to uphold international humanitarian law and do everything possible to protect civilians and ensure they receive lifesaving assistance."

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