Thursday, May 26, 2016

Uncle Haider advises Iraqi youth

The laughable Haider al-Abadi has instructions for Iraq's youth: Stay home.

AFP reports that the US-installed prime minister of Iraq is telling protesters not to turn out this weekend because the country is at war, specifically, the security forces are in Falluja.

Under Haider's 'reasoning,' no one could ever protest.

Iraqi security forces are always attacking someone or something.

And the reality is that over half of the security forces remain guarding Baghdad.  Only a small portion are taking part in the assault on Fallua (50,000 is the general press estimate).

But Haider wants them to stay home.

A point possibly conveyed last weekend with the four deaths?

Human Rights Watch notes:

Iraqi  security forces fired bullets and teargas canisters at peaceful protesters in Baghdad’s Green Zone on May 20, 2016, killing four people and wounding more than 100. Iraqi authorities should investigate the use of lethal force against the peaceful protesters. 
 Twelve witnesses from among the protesters told Human Rights Watch that the protesters were unarmed and peaceful when security forces opened fire. Some threw teargas canisters back at security forces or threw rocks after security forces opened fire. Human Rights Watch reviewed footage and photos from the protests, and none showed protesters carrying arms.
“Security forces protecting the Green Zone had no legitimate reason to fire on protesters who presented no risk to their lives or others,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director. “The government should urgently investigate the killings and order security forces not to use lethal force unless absolutely necessary to save lives.”

But let's all sell Haider's 'concern' for the protesters.

AP wants to.  They ridiculously write:

Earlier this month, demonstrators knocked down the concrete blast walls surrounding the Green Zone and broke into Iraq's parliament and government offices, plunging the country into a prolonged political crisis.

Earlier this month!!!! 

Oh, no!!!

And it plunged 'the country into a prolonged political crisis!'

Oh, no!!!

Except the same thing happened in April, breaching the Green Zone and storming the Parliament.


And Iraq's political crisis is ongoing and dates back to 2010 when the White House went around the Iraqi people to give Nouri a second term as prime minister after the Iraqi people said "no."  To do that, they had all leaders of political blocs sign a contract (The Erbil Agreement) and Nouri's refusal to honor that contract is what created the political crisis.

That remains the root of the ongoing political crisis.

Only a liar or the uniformed would pretend otherwise.

The assault on Falluja continues as does the western media's one-sided coverage.

How does it look in Falluja?

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