Thursday, June 30, 2016

Lying in Congress doesn't disappear War Crimes

In Tuesday's snapshot, we noted some of Special Envoy Brett McGurk's testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Asked about protecting Sunni civilians, he acted as thought that was a past issue and cited Tikrit and other nonsense that was neither accurate nor applicable.

This is the reality he avoided:

Iraqi Sunnis civilians arrested & tortured by Shia militias without guilt or charge in

Images like the above can be found any day and are typical of any 'liberation' in Iraq.

And Senator Ben Cardin, Ranking Member on the Committee, appeared to care about the issue.

For about 10 seconds, anyway.

Then he let Brett change the scope of the question and he never redirected him.

The above are War Crimes.

The US government is supporting a regime carrying out War Crimes against its civilians.

These are legally defined War Crimes.

And instead of cutting off all ties with that regime, as international and US law both demand, the White House is extending this criminal regime a line of credit (over $2 billion) to buy more weapons.

That will be used on whom?

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