Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Where were the Dems on Iraq?

At least now we know why his cartoons are so dull, right?

There was a every day of Bush's Iraq War but corrupt Republicans too busy giving no-bid contracts to their buddies to care

An editorial cartoonist is supposed to see something we don't.

But Bagley can't even see the obvious.

So there was a Benghazi every day of Bully Boy Bush's two terms occupying the White House?

And you say corrupt Republicans were too busy giving no-bid contracts to their buddies to care?

So, important point here, where were the Democrats?

Now I know where Senator Dianne Feinstein was -- giving contracts to her husband.  I know that not because THE NATION printed the report.  They didn't.  They killed it.  Had to protect Dianne.  Dianne was more important than telling their readers the truth.

So the journalist had to get the report printed elsewhere.

Click here for Peter Byrne's "Senator Feinstein's Iraq Conflict" -- the piece THE NATION didn't want you to read.

Not everyone was as against the truth as Katrina vanden Heuvel.  For example, here's David R. Baker (SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE) reporting in 2003 on the $600 million contract that Dianne's husband was awarded.

Here's Ken Silverstein (HARPER'S MAGAZINE), in 2009, highlighting Dianne's steering $25 billion tax payer dollars to a firm awarding her husband business.

Here's PROJECT CENSORED on continued efforts on Dianne's part to enrich her husband (and herself -- California is a community property state).

So I know what Dianne was doing.

And I know what Mad Maddy Albright was trying to do to get rich off the Iraq War.

Because Naomi Klein discussed it.

She reported on it in the pages of THE NATION.

Well, she reported on James Baker in the pages of THE NATION.

The mag was happy to take on GOP Baker.

But Naomi's research actually turned up Baker and Albright doing the same thing.

So we know what Mad Maddie and Dianne were doing.

But what were others doing?

I know what they weren't doing.

They weren't staging sit-ins when they were out of power to demand probes of the Iraq War.

And after they got control of both houses in the 2006 mid-terms, their spines (like Bully Boy Bush's impeachment) were taken 'off the table' by Nancy Pelosi in the House.  (Did those in the Senate ever have spines?)

So that's the point the editorial cartoonist misses.

I loathe sports analogies but we'll use one this time to make it crystal clear.

If the GOP and the Democrats were two sports teams, we'd be seeing, "I guess the GOP just wanted it more."

If you think Benghazi wasn't worth investigating and are saying Iraq was, well do the basic logic there and grasp that the Democrats refused to push on this.

That's the reality.

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