Saturday, July 30, 2016

Jill Stein Tweets

Next month, at the Green Party's national conventioon in Houston, Jill Stein is set to become the party's presidential nominee.

  • You mean the liberal media has been lying to people about our campaign? Shocking!
  • When the establishment tells you a progressive agenda is unreasonable what they really mean is that they're busy spending money on the 1%.
  • I support preventative health care as a human right (including vaccines), now let's discuss why the DNC rejected universal health care.
  • Why are we spending $2 trillion on the War in Iraq but not providing universal health care or free college for all?
  • We've updated the page about candidate 's vaccine stance based on her response:
  • 20 Reasons Black Women & Men Should Consider This November by | |
  • We need an economy that works for us all - not just predatory bankers, fossil fuel giants & war profiteers that fund corporate candidates.
  • Fact: Majority of US don't want Clinton OR Trump as President. Together we can break free from the 2-party trap.
  • Yes! We don't just have principles on our side. We have numbers. 60% of US want a new major party. The time is now!
  • Thanks for fighting the good fight Gabriel. We could use your help building a truly democratic party for the people.
  • President Obama just signed a bill to ban states from requiring clear GMO labels on food. We have a right to know.
  • Tim Black talks Clinton/Trump, media corruption, & continuing the revolution.
  • Wall Street hedge funds have given $48.5M to Clinton, $19K to Trump (and 0 to Stein).
  • "The propaganda that Bush became president because of Nader is easily debunked." Regardless, this isn't 2000:
  • True! was our Presidential nominee in 2008. And Lenora Fulani ran in 1988.
  • The reporting on the last few days has been terrible. She supports vaccines, & those saying otherwise should be ashamed.