Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The distracting and divisive Debbie


That's Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Debbie's Parting Words" from Sunday night and Dirty Debbie Wasserman Schultz just doesn't know when to depart, does she?

Despite being a diversion and the object of earned hate as a result of the leaked e-mails showing DNC favoritism of candidate Hillary Clinton over candidate Bernie Sanders, despite this forcing her to step down as DNC Chair Sunday, Monday Debbie thought she could still do a victory lap.


A friend at the convention called while she was speaking to hold his phone up so I could hear the booing.

Deserved and earned, Debbie.

Of all the articles, I like this one from THE HILL best (in part because Ed Rendell's quoted in it).

Debbie is a distraction.

I got 14 calls and texts on Michelle Obama's speech which is said to be highly impressive (I'm sure it was but I didn't watch any of the coverage, I'll try stream Michelle's speech at some point today -- we are on the road speaking to groups so I have no idea when that will be).

From DNC insiders, Michelle should be the story of Monday.

And good for her for impressing so many.

But Debbie provides the distraction.  See Marin Cogan's "Everyone Hates Debbie Wasserman Schultz" (NEW YORK MAGAZINE).

She will continue to do so.

Debbie needs to go home.

She's divisive and defiant and not being a team player -- while she's insisting others be "we will lock hands."

She needs to leave the convention.

There is no comeback for her at this convention.

She's earned the hatred and her presence only reminds everyone of how the race was tilted.

The issue isn't helped by Hillary's refusal to address it -- see the snippet 60 Minutes refused to air at their webpage.

And Hillary huffing and puffing "RUSSIA!" is not addressing it.

She's trying to distract herself.

That's why she's so lousy.

A real leader would face the issue head on and say, "No, this was no acceptable and it should not have happened."

Then a lot of people would let it go.

But time and again, Hillary refuses to be accountable, refuses to be honest.

Imagine how four years of that might play out.

And who's the idiot who's not explaining to Hillary that if she doesn't address it prior to her speech at the end of the convention, people will expect her to do so then?

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