Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Parliament is back in session

A bomb has gone off in the Iraqi town of Rashidiyah.  AL JAZEERA reports it was "a car bombing at an outdoor market" and so far there are 9 deaths reported ("dozens" more injured).  Sinan Salaheddin (AP) updates the count to 12 dead and thirty-seven injured.

  1. Car bombing targeted a vegetables market in al-Rashidiya in the northern outskirts of .

The death toll may rise throughout the day.

In response to the bombing -- the non-Baghdad bombing -- an action has been taken.

  1. authorities roadblock main streets, deploy tanks inside

  1. F. Brinley Bruton (NBC NEWS) reports, "According to a count by NBC News, some 75 percent of the streets around the fortified Green Zone — which houses government buildings and diplomatic missions — were closed during the morning. "

    Protecting the Green Zone always trumps other issues.

    And today, they have another reason to protect it:  Parliament is back in session.

  2. Iraqi parliament to convene today, Karrada attacks will be top on the agenda.

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