Friday, July 15, 2016

Protesting, requesting ammo (and the Emmys)

To say that Iraqis were warned not to protest today would be putting it mildly.

As AFP noted yesterday, the security forces issued an announcement that anyone protesting would be dealt with "as a terrorist threat."

Which raised the question of who's in charge of the puppet government in Iraq -- a question everyone in the press will work overtime to avoid.

Great coverage by NRT for today demonstration ,Sadr in Video addressing the people in Tahrir Square


The demonstrators massed in Tahrir Square on Friday, holding placards reading "Yes, yes to reform. No, no to sectarianism. No, no to corruption". 
The protest went ahead despite the security forces warning late on Thursday that the rally called by the influential Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr was "unauthorised" and would be treated as a "terrorist threat".
Sadr has led repeated protests in recent months, some of them breaching the central Green Zone government and diplomatic compound.

Shi'ite cleric and movement leader Moqtada had halted protests during the holy month of Ramadan.

ALSUMARIA has a photo essay of the protest.


In other news . . .

How poorly planned is the current phase of the never-ending Iraq War?

They're using press conferences to request ammo for the troops.

NASHVILLE PUBLIC RADIO quotes US Maj Gen Gary Volesky declaring, to Fort Campbell families yesteray in a video conference from Iraq, "We're shooting a whole lot.  We're asking the Army to send a lot more rounds that they thought we were going to need."

Non-Iraq, big congratulations to Tracee Ellis Ross on her first Emmy nomination for lead actress in a comedy -- it's long overdue.  Ava and I've already weighed in on how Julia Louis-Dreyfus does not deserve another Emmy [see "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series (Ava a..." and "Media: Boycott what?"].  If you're late to the party, Meryl Streep -- one of the country's finest actresses -- has not been handed four Academy Awards in a row.  Julia is talented, but she's not that talented, no one is.

Especially not when up against a nominee like Lily Tomlin (last year and again this year, congrat to Lily) or (this year) Tracee.

And congratulations to Allison Janney for getting two nominations this year and to Laurie Metcalf for earning three.

And, like many, I am hoping this is finally Taraji P. Henson's year.

There were a lot of talented and worthy nominees this year (including Lili Taylor and Gaby Hoffmann) but the failure to nominate Sofia Vergara and her continued failure to be awarded an Emmy?  Not something I want to be explaining in 20 years when so many of her peers awarded in the Best Supporting Actress in a Sitcom category are long forgotten -- as they will be.

Julia Louis (in the Best Actress category) might want to explain in future years why she didn't have the good taste to rule herself out of the competition after four consecutive wins for the same role in four seasons of the show -- the not-so funny show which fell out of the golden circle this year as the 'token show' always does.  VEEP better be ready for the backlash, it's already begun.

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