Saturday, September 03, 2016

Fracking causes polluted drinking water + earthquakes

Jill Stein is the Green Party presidential candidate.

  1. Fed up with the rigged political system? Want real democracy? Stand w/ me for !
  2. Did PBS censor this interview because I criticized Clinton, fracking & the TPP? Thanks !
    Redacted Tonight - PBS censors Jill Stein mid-sentence
    After Green Presidential candidate Jill Stein was interviewed on PBS' Newshour with Judy Woodruff, her comments on Hillary Clinton, fracking and the TPP were edited out in an almost unnoticeable way.
  3. 25+ major media reported my travel mixup. Will they cover my criminal justice platform, or is that not on the list of DNC-approved topics?
  4. The will include a just transition to give fossil fuel workers better jobs in the clean renewable energy sector.
  5. Fracking causes polluted drinking water + earthquakes. The comes with none of these side effects, Oklahoma.
  6. Another question for : Why did refer to Black children as "superpredators"?
  7. Mother Earth doesn't like fracking. Me neither. The transforms our energy system to create clean energy by 2030.
  8. I'm holding a rally in tomorrow! RSVP:
  9. When you call anti-vax, you forfeit any right to criticize people who claim Obama wasn't born in U.S.
  10. The had said the area could face earthquake damage this year because of fracking. I'm the only candidate who is against fracking.
  11. I'm talking live in Detroit about blocking the TPP, ending our wars and more:
  12. Calling Green candidates "third-party" implies we are not real options. Yet we provide real solutions to climate change, jobs and more.
  13. I'm holding a rally in TODAY at noon! RSVP:
  14. When is the having me on? I'll bring my - and my plans to save the world. What do you say ?
  15. 273 days since . Running for president isn’t a good time to play hide-and-seek, .
  16. No other Western country creates more obstacles for 3rd party and independent candidates than the United States.
  17. would have killed any other campaign. Good thing she has corporate backing.