Thursday, October 06, 2016

Voting for the lesser of two evils doesn't only help elect an evil . . .

Jill Stein is running for president on the Green Party ticket.

  1. In 2015 approximately 1.1K people were fatally shot by police. 821 people have been fatally shot by police this year. This is an outrage.
  2. Thank you to everyone in Los Angeles for all of your awesome energy today!

  3. Voting for "lesser evil" every election creates a race to the bottom. This downward spiral will only end when we unite for the greater good.
  4. Obama's rallying for the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a betrayal to the people of the US. He knows exactly what he's doing.
  5. FACT: My running mate, , grew up on the south side of Chicago. Want to know more? Head to .
  6. The billionaire establishment parties will say anything to remain in power - no matter how untruthful. Don't be surprised. Fight back.
  7. Corporate media is currently discussing the winner and loser of the . If there was a winner this nation must be the loser.
  8. The Green Party supports . No more high deductibles, inadequate coverage, soaring drug prices. What does your party support?
  9. Don't listen to people who attack you for not supporting lesser evil. Keep building the movement for the greater good!
  10. Did you know there's a Woman named Dr. Jill Stein yes DOCTOR who is beautifully educated and actually cares about people instead of money?
  11. Trump: Republican 🐘 Johnson: Former Republican 🐘 Clinton: Former Republican 🐘 ✅Stein: 🌱 There's a clear choice here.
  12. Voting for the lesser of two evils doesn't only help elect an evil, it also perpetuates a choice limited to two evils.
  13. . is the only candidate who has never been a Republican & hasn’t demonstrated a disdain for progressives
  14. We should evaluate teacher performance through assessment by fellow professionals, not high-stakes tests.
  15. Happy ! Today we honor our educators and recognize their leadership in working for better schools for all students.
  16. Super excited 2 spending time w Pres candidate today! Meet us 1-4pm & 6-9pm Pershing Square.
  17. Greens view the economy as a part of the ecosystem. It's not just about resources coming in and products and waste going out.
  18. Want to with us? Join us at , Fri 10/6 from 9 p.m.-midnight.
  19. . talks about the lesser of two evils argument + how to lure young voters on :
  20. Let's ensure we can make informed food choices by labeling GMO content, toxic chemical ingredients + fair trade practices.
  21. Mike Pence's galling amnesia occurs on BOTH sides of the aisle. Let's elect honest people who haven't sold out. Let's .
  22. We cannot allow ourselves to be so easily manipulated by the corporate press. War is not inevitable.
  23. Kaine was one of a few Senate Democrats to support on the TPP. Days later, he flipped on it as Hillary's VP.