Monday, October 03, 2016

What do those wild swings in the polls indicate?

35 days or so left until the election and Hillary goes up and Hillary goes down in the polls.

I'm really surprised no one's discussing this.

In a lot of ways, the election's over already.

Early voting is eliminating some of the suspense.

But, more to the point, these people who rush to Hillary and then flee her repeatedly?

They're likely not going to vote for Hillary.

If they can't stick with her this to close to the election, they're either not going to vote for her in the election or they're not going to vote in the election period.

And it's not like Hillary is an unknown.

As a political figure, she's better known by the country than any candidate in decades.

  1. Hillary is proud that she helped endorse sanctions against Iraq that led to the death of over 500 thousand children. Let that sink in.

She's not some minor governor from a state like Arkansas, for example.

She's been in the national spotlight since 1992.

So the notion that people are responding to her at this late date isn't accurate.

What you have appears to be a group of people who flee from her when they have time to think and rush to her when the press is selling her hard.

But, again, the election is 35 days out and she's a very known quality.

So this up and down in the polls should be very worrying to her campaign.

She never found a compelling narrative or a decent campaign slogan.

She still can't move the polls on her own but must rely on massive coordination with the media -- such as pre-planting a beauty queen with the press prior to the debate she plans to bring the beauty queen up in.

The compliant press works itself into a tizzy and, for a brief moment, her support increases.

That's really not a reflection of voter patterns.

And that should scare the hell out of her campaign.

But they don't appear very smart, do they?

It's as though they learned nothing from 2008.

If anything, the token women in her campaign in 2008 were driven out so that Hillary could preside over a court of men.

It's one man after another on TV from her campaign.

But then, the slogan is: I'm With Her.

Not: I'm With Them.

She's just another case of Deanna Durbin 100 men and a girl.

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