Sunday, March 26, 2017

Even lying won't help you make Iraq a partisan issue at this point

At what point do the sheep wake the hell up?

The Mosul murder finally led a few idiots to wake up.

Richard Harris is a real idiot.

Breaking news: Trump's military ordered air strikes on Mosul killing hundreds of Iraqi citizens...Killing children does not makeAmericagreat

He's upset with Trump.

Here's his Twitter profile:

Richard Harris


I'm a lefty Obama & Clinton supporter: Psychology student Army veteran OFA  saving our country from the RWNJ and their mindless hate Chicago Las Vegas

 Joined April 2015

What an idiot.

Don't even speak about Iraq, you piece of filth, if you can't call out Barack and Hillary.

You're filth.

Human filth uses the deaths of others to try to score partisan points.

Reality: Barack killed people in Iraq.

Filth just didn't want to speak up.

Here's some reality from Dahlia Wasfi:

  • A reminder for those who think and are not representative of where we are as a nation... 😧
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    . Ignorance=not knowing civilians suffer under ISIS. Iraq Army fled Mosul in 2014 but civilians can fight ISIS & win?🤔
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    . Those who had means to flee left. As always, poorest/weakest/sickest/oldest have nowhere to go/no means of defense.
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  • The whole Mosul operation has been about killing civilians.

    It's not about liberating them.

    It's not about saving them.

    Stop your partisan b.s. or stop talking about Iraq.

    There are a lot of bloody hands in America -- Democrats and Republicans.

    And the people of Iraq do not exist for your stupid partisan campaigns.

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