Saturday, April 01, 2017

John Stauber Tweets

Some Tweets from truth teller John Stauber:

You lost me at the claim that 67% of think!

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  2. This is Hilarious

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    Ha! You'll have to take that up with Whitney ... "think" was his verb, which we of course deny ever having knowingly used in this context.
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    Think relentless propaganda doesn't work? 67% of Democrats think Russia interfered in the election to help Trump ...
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    WaPo has solved the case of 'Trump's ties to Russian Hackers' 😂 
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    Even a "small" between & would hit & northern with catastrophic . 😱

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    .And oh yea murder, . That bastard was the most devious, powerful and feared man in USA govt for decades.
  9. practice can be as self centered, smug and self righteous as any other belief system, I have observed.
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    "It's never too late for a new beginning in your life." ~Joyce Meyer
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    Learning more about him bec seems like a good time to do that. I don't think there's any parallel in US history to J Edgar Hoover
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    He f-Ing ran the deep state, hell he was the deep state before the ! murders,

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    AirAsia plans Vietnam venture as travel demand surges -
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    . had not yet been invented...

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    The buffoonery and circus of the obsession wonderfully undermines both parties and the Media.
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    AT THE BUZZER! UConn's record 111-game win streak ends with a Women's Final Four stunner at the hands of Mississippi State. Wow!

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    Omg it just gets weirder,,,

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    . consults warmongering expert - "Teach me that trick? I could use it now!"
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    Now Age Conversations: “Why Single Payer Now” with Dr. Margaret Flowers
  21. 's mining sector is hitting GDP.
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    The Clintons were better than Trump at neutralizing critical coverage by seizing on tiny details, working editors & competing journos, etc.

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    McKaskill to Berniebots: "Come back, we need you, but for God's sake don't expect us to back any of your policies."

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    Does Trump have a lawyer who doesn't specialize in bankruptcy? His Tweeting about Flynn this morning veers pretty close to witness tampering
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    The DEA has seized more than $3 Billion over 10 years from people that were never charged with crimes.
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    Robert Parry observes how everything that goes wrong in America is now the work of the Russians,
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    Damn, looks like we missed another big news day ...