Sunday, March 19, 2017

The stupidity

We're still working on THIRD so I'm sidelining some topics for that.

But the stupidity from our so called 'left.'

They aren't left.

They are Democratic Party partisans.

They're whores, let's be honest.

Debra Messing is a whore.  She's an ugly whore.

It's the anniversary of the start of the ongoing Iraq War and, check her Twitter feed, it doesn't mean a thing to our Jewish neocon Debra.

Didn't mean a damn thing to her back when WILL & GRACE was on the air either.

But she wants to pretend she's 'political' and 'caring.'

She just another cheap whore.

Hey, Rosie, that includes you too.  All those screaming matches on THE VIEW about Iraq.

Was it just because Bully Boy Bush was in the White House?

I think I respected you more, Rosie, when you were publicly calling Hillary the C-word and calling her out for refusing to leave Bill Clinton.

They're all a bunch of fake asses.

Don't forget the great whore herself Mia Farrow.

We cut diplomacy, arts, desperately needed environmental, educational,housing & food programs to build a useless, offensive, 30 foot wall

She's not offended, please note, by military spending.  That is the bulk of any budget.

But please remember, Mia's never been offended by the war machine.

Not during Vietnam, not today.

She played a 'hippie.'

She wasn't one.

She was a whore, for sure.  Sleeping with John Phillips while married to Frank Sinatra.  Sleeping with a lot of men while married to Frank.  Frank used to call her a whore himself -- remember, Mia?

And she didn't listen to the Airplane or the Beatles or the Doors.

No, she was miss classical music buff.

She was about as much of a flower child as Ali MacGraw's character in LOVE STORY -- and about as real.

She's also a really dumb whore because she played herself in HUSBANDS & WIVES and was too dumb to grasp it.

Mia's been trying to start a US war on Sudan for years now, over a decade in fact, she's a whore.

It's the anniversary of the Iraq War -- the ongoing Iraq War -- and note that our 'political' celebs couldn't be bothered with it.

(Rosie -- such a dumb idiot -- even reTweeted a homophobe -- that's how stupid she is.)

I guess when you don't have a career, you take to Twitter.

One has to wonder where Debra Messings children are?

I mean, my kids are grown.  They're living on their own.

And I marvel over these idiots Tweeting and reTweeting constantly while claiming to be parents.

Maybe that's why Rosie's daughter runs away from home and denounces her?

Maybe that's why Mia's 'happy brood' no longer exists.

Maybe when you fail at your career and at motherhood you take to Twitter non-stop?

(That's not a swipe at Cher -- Cher's kids are grown and living on their own. And Cher's whole life isn't Twitter.)

This what happened to 14 years ago. 😔 03/19/2003

It's the anniversary of the start of the Iraq War and self-described 'political' entertainers can't even note it on their non-stop Twitter feeds.

No wonder they stood with Hillary, they're whores and liars who don't care what happens to people around the world.

They're whore and liars.

And their stupidity harms us all.

I'm so sick of them.

And, guess what, if you're offended by cuts to US social programs?

Look no further than the ongoing Iraq War.

Look no further than the trillions of US tax dollars that have gone into that illegal war.

You can't keep paying for that war and take care of the needs of US citizens.

Your silence on the Iraq War has also been your stupidity on America's future.

Own your stupidity because its costs the lives of millions of Iraqis and it's made sure that the American people will suffer for years to come as well (though the suffering will never compare to what the Iraqi people live with).

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