Sunday, March 19, 2017

Were you in a coma when a man named George W. Bush lied about Iraq (Sarah Abdallah)

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah.

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    Russia has the best Anti-Smoking Ad ever: "Smoking kills more people than Obama, although he kills a lot. Don't smoke, don't be like Obama"
  • Israel attacks the Syrian Army fighting ISIS in Palmyra. Syria defends itself. Israel threatens to destroy Syria's air defense systems.
  • Dems' propaganda was never about evidence though, now was it? It's all about serving the Deep State interests of the Obama-Clinton machine.
  • Look how evil Russia's doctors and soldiers are, giving medical treatment & aid to Syrians in Latakia. This "Russian aggression" must stop!
  • Too bad that all the Syrian and Libyan schoolgirls that your mother's "rebels" murdered won't get a chance to read it.
  • You own 3 mansions and get support from billionaire George Soros's . Your hypocrisy never sleeps, does it Bernie boy?
  • Really now? Were you in a coma when a man named George W. Bush lied about Iraq having WMDs and slaughtered over a million innocent people?
  • A better, factually-based question is how invested are the repressive dictatorships of Saudi Arabia & Qatar in your beloved Hillary Clinton?
  • If only you had enough humanity to feel "embarrassed" about Obama butchering men, women and children in Syria, Libya and Yemen...
  • UK ships hundreds of its troops right to Russia's border but the MSM wants us to believe Putin's the aggressor. Plz!
  • You let South Sudan use child soldiers. You gave $29 billion in warplanes to Saudi Arabia. You authorized spying on Brazil. You're horrible.
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    Trump was rude to Mrs Merkel but at least her mobile phone in her handbag was safe from bugging. Unlike during the term of charming Obama...
  • A little reminder for those still in denial of Wiretapper-In-Chief Obama's spying addiction.
  • Don't think Chelsea Clinton will care about these Somalis because their killers are the Saudi tyrants who funded her mom's presidential run.
  • No. What Brazile will "forever regret" is getting caught because this scandal contributed to Hillary's loss. Donna isn't fooling anyone.
  • Or she could just stay in the woods and never come out... Whole planet would be much better off.
  • Trump on being wiretapped by Obama: points to Merkel "at least we have something in common". Nobody trolls Obama like Trump.