Saturday, April 29, 2017

So you're a #ClimateChange crusader now, Hillary? (Sarah Abdallah)

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah:

  • So you're a crusader now, Hillary? Please. You've always been in league with the planet-destroyers, from Big Oil to Monsanto.
  • Nothing says "save the planet" and "stop " like celebrities and billionaires traveling to meaningless protests in private jets
  • George Soros, the one-man regime change machine who's destroyed numerous nations, wants you to save the planet!

    1. Look ! Russia just delivered 7 tons of hot meals to three cities in Syria. But you said aid wasn't being allowed in... Liar much?
    2. Amazing! The Syrian gov't isn't "barrel bombing" this school in Old but rebuilding it after it was ruined by Al-Qaeda. Imagine that!
    3. My dad just sent me these. My beautiful hometown of Aytaroun, South today ❤
    4. Replying to 
    5. Just the other day, ISIS apologized for mistakenly attacking Israel. The alliance between Tel Aviv and extremist groups is as clear as day.
    6. Russia just delivered 6 tons of food and medicine to Aleppo and Damascus. But I thought Nikki Haley said no aid was being allowed in! 🙄
    7. Wow! Syrian gov't isn't "killing its own people" but bettering their lives by repaving roads destroyed by Al-Qaeda in Aleppo. Inconceivable!
    8. While 15 million children in the US live in poverty, President "Hope and Change" will make $800,000 for two speeches. Simply despicable.