Saturday, April 29, 2017

You can dislike Trump and Hillary Clinton too (Margaret Kimberley)

Some Tweets from journalist Margaret Kimberley:

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    A Cashless Society? Not Before Tubman’s $20 Arrives Photo of Sojourner Truth in Harriet Tubman article.
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    Listening to NPR economic coverage is like reading about the victims of a serial killer without anyone mentioning a damn serial killer.
  3. Worse because it is true or because he said it?

  1. Exactly. Charlie Sheen shot an ex girlfriend but it was covered up for years.
  2. Of course Trump is in over his head. The admission is icing on the cake. Obama gets paid? Of course. None news on the presidential front.
  3. For the thousandth time, there is no proof that Russia hacked the DNC. Good article by .
  4. I spoke to about American interference in other nation's elections. I don't think Russia hacked but they're no worse if they did.
  5. The U.S. intervenes in elections all over the world. Why would it be worse if Russia did the same thing? My latest thoughts.
  6. Two of my favorite people talking about Syria. and Eva Bartlett. Please listen.
  7. You can dislike Trump and Hillary Clinton too. I dislike her more than ever because her arrogance and incompetence gave Trump the victory.