Saturday, April 15, 2017

War Hag Christiane Amanpour gets served by Sarah Abdallah

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah:

  • Because anything that goes against your network and its agenda ain't fit for broadcasting, isn't that right?
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    Today marks 3 years since Maaloula, the oldest inhabited Christian town where Aramaic is still spoken, was liberated from Al-Qaeda.
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    UPDATE: Over 100 Syrian Shia civilians killed in and countless others wounded. And yet, still NO WORD OF CONDEMNATION from the US!
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    Who called for investigation before firing missiles? And who praised Trump for firing missiles with no vote by Congress? DWS
  • A Syrian nun honored by the US, says she likes President Assad and that he helps and protects Christians.
  • Will the photos of Syrian Shia babies burned alive in today move Ivanka Trump & Nikki Haley to tears? Not holding my breath.
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    Instead of pursuing illegal regime change in Syria, the US should cut all ties with these terrorists who murder Christians & Shias for sport
  • goes on and most of the "Muslim" world is silent because Saudi Arabia has paid them to keep their mouths shut.
  • Today, "rebels" killed Shias. Tomorrow, they might hit Christians on Easter. This barbarity won't stop 'till the US ends its war on .
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    Terrorists who blew up fleeing Shia civilians have been called "moderate rebels" for years. This is who McCain wants to give more arms to!
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    The innocents killed today had been besieged by Al-Qaeda thugs in Idlib for years. Not one damn liberal ever shed one damn tear for them.
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    Charred bodies of Shia children & women are being pulled from evacuation buses. The terrorists who killed them were armed & trained by Obama
  • Sheer horror in today. Scores of Shia civilians from Foua and Kefraya were savagely burned alive after an Al-Qaeda suicide attack.
  • This is absolutely gorgeous. Never seen anything like it before! A Byzantine-style boat church in .
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    7-Year-Old 'Aleppo Twitter Girl' Bana Alabed’s Father May Have Links to ISIS Terrorists
  • Hundreds of Syrian Christians attended their very first mass in 's St. Elijah Cathedral in nearly five years.