Sunday, July 02, 2017

The enemy of your enemy is still stupidity -- grasp that reality

July 4th is coming.

Independence is not glorification.

Grow the f**k up.

I am so pissed at dopes and dupes who think they are so much more than they are and think they can hide behind 'service' to silence others.

That's not America, grow the f**k up and stop having your tantrums in public.

Equally true, Jane Arraf is forever The Whore of Baghdad.

I'm sorry you're so damn stupid that you don't grasp that.

I'm sorry you don't realize that prior to March 2003, she was a whore for Saddam Hussein, covering his actions to remain in the country.

I'm sorry you're so uneducated about journalism that you missed Eason Jordan's infamous column for THE NEW YORK TIMES ("The News We Kept To Ourselves").

When you grasp that was always her m.o., her fluff coverage during Nouri al-Maliki's two terms as prime minister make a lot more sense.

Or for that matter grasp why Eason had to leave CNN.

Not for admitting that they'd covered up for Saddam for years but because he said the US military was targeting journalists.

Hey Soldier Dumb, how'd you miss that point?

Oh, that's right, you don't know a damn thing about anything except that you hate Donald Trump.

So you make anyone he rails against your ally.

You're that short-sighted and, yes, that stupid.

Grow up this Fourth of July, do us all a big favor.

You hate Donald, we got it.

Can we move onto something important now?

Like maybe the Iraq War that still hasn't ended?

The Iraq War that the American media continues to lie about?

Took DER SPIEGEL -- not whore Jane Arraf -- to expose the abuses of the US 'allies' in Iraq.

(Remember these same militias have vowed, once the Islamic State is gone -- if that ever happens -- to turn on US troops in Iraq.  Oh, I'm sorry Soldier Dumb, did you miss that too?)

Find a cause, find a belief, find something to fight for.

But don't kid yourself that insulting Donald Trump is actually activism.

It's nothing but bitching and your bitching and moaning is getting real old.

The Iraq War needs to end.

Maybe you could adopt that as a cause?

Or maybe you could do something to help children?

But stop pretending your Tweets and jibes about Trump are activism or 'resistance.'

CNN has incited violence against millions, including fellow broadcasters in Libya, Iraq, Serbia & Syria and...

Agree with Julian Assange on that observation.

Mallory Shelbourne (THE HILL) writes that the battle for Mosul is "reportedly" near the end.

Let's hope so.

Today was day 252 of The Mosul Slog.

Let's hope it's almost over.

How much longer can it go on?

Who knows?

But grasp that even if they are all routed of Mosul, they're not gone.

Suicide bomber kills at least 14 at a camp for internally displaced people in Iraq. ISIS claims responsibility.

As that attack proves, they aren't gone.

The Islamic State of Iraq rose in Iraq for a reason.

Those reasons have still not been addressed -- despite Barack Obama outlining them in a June 19, 2014 press conference.

The enemy is stupidity.

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