Sunday, September 10, 2017

Parasite Oliver Willis

9/11: never forget how george w bush mishandled intel that led to the attacks, and responded to them by invading iraq, killing thousands


That's what we're never going to forget?

How about never forget that Congressional Democrats like Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, John Edwards, Joe Biden, Tom Daschle (then the Senate Majority Leader), Chuck Schumer, Byron Dorgan, John Breauz, Mary Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln, Dianne Feinstein, Chris Dodd, Joe Liberman, Bill Nelson, Max Cleland, Evan Bayh . . .

It's cute the way Oliver gives a pass to everyone but Bully Boy Bush.

It's also cute the way all the Senate members who made it onto the Democratic national ticket from 2000 to 2016 voted for the Iraq War.

Joe Liberman was Al Gore's running mate in 2000.

John Kerry headed the ticket in 2004 and John Edwards was his running mate.

In 2008, Barack Obama (not in the Senate in 2002) headed the ticket and Joe Biden was his running mate.

That was the same ticket in 2012.

In 2016, the ticket was headed by Hillary Clinton.

Grasp that not once in the last 16 years, has a member of the House or Senate who voted against the Iraq War been on the Democratic presidential ticket.

Never forget that the ones who voted for the Iraq War were rewarded by Democrats and Republicans while the ones who opposed the Iraq War got no applause from their political parties -- at least none that translated as: "You are qualified to lead the nation."

Why is it that Oliver Willis doesn't want to remind you of that?

More to the point, who does this hack think he is to invoke Iraq in a Tweet to judge others when he's part of the non-stop pimping of Hillary at SHAREBLUE -- the propaganda outlet headed by the laughable David Brock?

Oliver Willis is just a parasite who pretends to care about the Iraq War when he can use it to club his enemies while excusing it when it benefits Hillary and others.

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