Sunday, February 18, 2018

It's never been about helping the Iraqi people

  1. . has committed $410 million in to help the country recover from years of war:

Help it recover?

The World Bank really means to make it bleed for years and years to come.  That's what the World Bank does.

As KILAFAH noted in 2007:

Since the creation of both the International Monetary Fund (IMF) the World Bank (WB) over 60 years ago, both have provided trillions of dollars in loans to poor countries. In addition to providing financial resources, the World Bank – along with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) – took the lead in making policy prescriptions to the third world, which it ensures are adopted by making them “conditions” for lending. The third world sits on debts of over $1.3 trillion, which has seriously hindered the third worlds abilities to provide for the basic needs of their citizens, and imposed “conditionality” interferes with governments’ rights to make sovereign decisions.
However both multilateral organisations have very little success stories to boast about and are now seen as tools, which destroy economies. The world banks notorious structural adjustment policies came to be so maligned that its name was changed to ‘poverty reduction and growth facility.’ The IMF’s bailouts, financial packages and reforms have also become notorious leaving many nations in poverty and with mountains of debt.

There are so many fakes -- take John Zogby.  Remember when he tried to pretend like he was non-partisan?  Of course, he wasn't.

He still isn't.

But he wants to get some publicity and the 15th anniversary of the start of the Iraq War is next month, so he plans to 'look back.'  If it's anything like his just published garbage, it's going to be selective and biased -- all about Bully Boy Bush, not one word about Barack Obama.

Oh well, maybe he'll note that today US troops are still in Iraq -- since Donald Trump's president.  He'll just act like the years 2009 through 2016 didn't exist.

What a lying piece of trash.

The Iraq War continues with XINHUA noting a Baghdad bombing, "The incident took place in the evening when a bomb detonated outside a massage center near Maysaloon Square in eastern Baghdad, wounding six people and damaging nearby buildings and shops, Captain Abdullah al-Hashimi from the Interior Ministry's operations office told Xinhua."  And Suleyman el-Kubeysi (ANADOLU AGENCY) reports an Anbar Province bombing left 2 Iraqi soldiers dead and five more injured.

And in the pretense of justice, women are sentenced for . . . their husbands' actions?

AFP reports:

A court in the Iraqi capital on Sunday sentenced to death a Turkish woman and 11 other foreign widows to life in jail for belonging to the Islamic State group.
The 12 women, 11 Turks and an Azeri, some of whom appeared in the dock nursing infants, were convicted despite their pleas that they had been duped or forced by their husbands to join them in Iraq.

The women, aged between 20 and 50, were all arrested in Mosul or Tal Afar, where their husbands were killed as Iraqi forces recaptured the northern cities from IS last year.
“I got to know my husband through the internet. He proposed we meet in Turkey but an intermediary there told me he would drive me to my future husband without saying where,” said Angie Omrane, the Azeri woman.
“I thought we were staying in Turkey but I found myself in Syria and then my husband took me to Iraq.”

Another proud moment of 'justice' in Iraq.

The US government destroyed Iraq and what they've put in place is corrupt and inhumane.

But it's never been about helping the Iraqi people.

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