Monday, February 19, 2018

Joy Reid and other liars can't stop attacking Greens

Jill Stein was the Green Party's presidential candidate in 2012 and in 2016.  In 2016, many liars-- like MSNBC's Joy Reid -- insist she was a Kremlin tool.  Apparently planted in 2012?  Or a sleeper agent like Angelina Jolie in SALT?

This nonsense has to stop.

The Green Party is a political party in the US.  It is a valid party and their members can vote their party -- as can anyone in an open election.

If you're so desperate to blame War Hawk Hillary's loss on Green voters -- stop a minute.

Use your damn brain.  You're saying that without those Green voters, Hillary lost.

So now your plan is to attack them for four years?

Do you really think that'll bring 'em into the big tent come 2020?

This whole thing is beyond nonsense and undemocratic.

Hillary lost, get over it.

Stop trying to blame everyone but the candidate.  She voted for the Iraq War, she supported.  She was two-faced on Iraq (in the last years she's stated her vote was 'wrong' because she thought Bully Boy Bush would put more troops in Iraq than he did yet she also voted against the 'surge' -- that's two-faced hypocrisy).  She was a lousy candidate. 

She's responsible for her loss.


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    It’s interesting how many people insist is lying and conniving but the CIA and FBI are the gold standard for honesty.
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    Breaking: Democrats who are paid by Democrats to attack anyone who isn't a Democrat say you're crazy unless you're a Democrat. Sure, they rigged their primary & lost to a con man, but at least Democrats don't question the political establishment like those crazy Greens!
  3. Polling expert says what everyone in politics knows: most Green voters would never vote for Clinton/Trump. Nate Silver also pointed out this fact. A very inconvenient truth for elites who want to bully you into voting out of fear.
  4. Thing is: people who voted Green aren't "HRC voters". They voted for people, planet & peace over profit - the opposite of HRC & Trump. Dem elites sabotaged progressives so they could burn $1B losing to a con man. Stop trying to shift blame to everyone but yourselves.
  5. How could a top MSNBC host "not know" we paid our own way to RT conference? This info has been public for years & can be easily found in 5 minutes research. Not too surprising tho, since Joy openly uses her influence as a "journalist" to suppress opposition to the establishment.
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    Only in America can you smear and blame a political Party for its mere existence as an alternative to this oligarchy and call yourself a democracy with a straight face.
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    If you’re worried about foreign influence on American politics, wait until you find out what’s been going on out in the open for years right in front of your face
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    In 's interview, MSNBC admits that they failed miserably with their election coverage giving excessive amounts of time to Trump for the sake of ratings but that it's OK for them because they're not Russian. This will not be a headline anywhere tomorrow morning.
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    Here we go, chickens coming home to roost (again) on Dems fomenting Russia hysteria. Now your social media arguments in favor of Jill Stein and Bernie are suspect because they’re unwitting Russian propaganda. Weird how russiagate arguments always back the establishment narrative
  10. Warmongering & censorship do not fix election interference. They sabotage democracy. We have real solutions to fix our broken elections:
  11. We’re not just a victim of election interference. According to Carnegie Mellon University’s database on election interference, US gov't is the #1 culprit. We need diplomacy and international law to ensure fair elections worldwide.
  12. Election interference is preventable. Money out of politics. Open debates & airwaves to qualified candidates. End voter suppression. Firewall elections from hackers by using paper ballots w/ audits. International treaty against cyberwarfare. Dump the rigged Wall Street parties.
  13. The election interference that actually impacted the 2016 election was DNC & corporate media collusion to elevate Trump & sabotage progressives. This Russia hysteria is designed to cover up DNC corruption, attack political opposition, feed war machine & censor independent voices.
  14. I'll be on to talk about Mueller's indictment of Russian internet trolls & other threats to our elections & democracy. Tune in to Sunday at noon ET as we unravel this latest twist in the plot of !