Sunday, March 04, 2018

REUTERS still covering Iraq -- who else?

Did you see this?

We’re looking for a new bureau chief in Baghdad, still one of the best journalism gigs in the Middle East. We want someone who can break news and dig into much deeper and longer stories. See here:

One of the few western outlets -- another would be AP -- that still reports from Iraq.

Strange isn't it, about MCCLATCHY?

  • They made their name -- well they bought it -- of KNIGHT RIDDER's Iraq reporting.  And yet they don't have an Iraq bureau anymore.

    It was important to KNIGHT RIDDER to have one.

    But not to MCCLATCHY.

    Because MCCLATCHY sold the war.

    KNIGHT RIDDER didn't.

    It now appears MCCLATCHY bought up MCCLATCHY (took over in the summer of 2006) only to ensure that there would be no more Iraq coverage and never again any questioning of US wars.

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    Tax payer money. Iraq war costed us around 1.7 trillion dollars. Universities and health care could easily be payed for if we stopped funding wars and allocated resources properly.

    Actually, the financial cost is much higher but how interesting that it will cost us for years to come and yet the US media isn't even interested in the ongoing Iraq War.

    If you're not getting that the cost is much higher, refer to this:

    1. Years after the Iraq occupation morphed into a wider U.S. intervention targeting Islamic State militants, the Pentagon still doesn’t know exactly what it’s spending its money on.

    Finally . . .

    THIRD should post new content shortly.  Ava and I had covered a TBS sitcom -- we wrote the piece early Saturday.  But that's been ditched because, as we were at the Academy Awards, we kept shooting each other looks and, after the awards, did a strong take down of that awful spectacle.  Hopefully, readers will enjoy it.  We worked on it -- as an oral piece -- at the party we're at now before we wrote it down and the response, from industry insiders, was positive.

    Remember that Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Oscars So Full Of It" went up earlier tonight.

    We'll note: