Saturday, March 24, 2018

Some Tweets from Justin Raimondo

Some Tweets from Justin Raimondo:

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    Where's the evidence?
  • Hahaha - someone should do a compilation of this stuff and we could call it the Loony-Tune Deep Blue Chronicles.
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    No, you can't spend a year complaining about Trump's reluctance to get into a confrontation with Russia, a nuclear superpower, and then lift your skirt up in horror over the appointment of a war hawk. You're getting what you asked for.
  • They want "common sense safety" legislation to modify the 2nd Amendment., And soon they'll be pushing "common sense safety" legislation to modify (i.e. abolish) the 1st Amendment - using Big Tech cartels to do it.
  • A civil war exacerbated, encouraged, and funded by the US, which devastated the country, empowered the drug cartels, and in essence created MS-13 -- the vicious street gang that has infiltrated our country and is becoming a major problem in mostly immigrant communities.
  • Deplorable!!!!!!
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    Rand on omnibus bill ‘This is why people are so upset w/politics, because when the Republicans are out of power, when they're in the minority, they are the conservative party. But then when they get in the majority, there is no conservative party’
  • CC: Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino counties, California.
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    US Gives A Handful Of Countries A Temporary Pass On Hard-Hitting Steel And Aluminum Tariffs
  • Wrong: US citizens have the right to vote. Non-citizens do not. The latter can acquire this right if they become citizens.
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    Bolton's sole redeeming factor is that he abandons all the bogus human rights posturing of Bush/Hillary/McCain and makes explicit the actual objectives of US foreign policy. That's what unsettles the Respectable Neocon Club
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    So according to this BBC report (like Berezovsky before his death) wrote to Putin expressing regret & asking to come back to Russia. So why wld Putin want him killed at this point? If Skripal keen to go home others wld surely have better motive?
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    This member of the audience says that all of his friends, all under-25, voted for Brexit and is tired of people saying that young people didn't vote for it
  • Break them up
  • An IP address? Which is so easy to fake it’s laughable that this “expert” would offer it as evidence. Cc:
  • Total BS
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    War on 4 fronts surely? There's the war arising from his refusal to be pushed into the war with Russia that Dems, media and foreign policy establishment types are baying for.
  • Wait — what?
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    the pooch looks like it’s trying to get away