Thursday, April 05, 2018

Emily Sirota doesn't accept corporate PAC money

Emily Sirota is running for Congress out of Colorado.  I don't vote in that state, so I won't be endorsing her.  (I only endorse in elections I can vote in.  The world has enough buttinskies.)  Her campaign is worth our noting because she's married to David Sirota.

  1. As a mom running for legislature to support strong gun safety laws, I so appreciate being named a Gun Sense Candidate. This is a huge boost to our campaign! As a legislator, I won't be intimidated by the NRA - I will keep fighting for
  2. Colorado's GOP attorney general is now LITERALLY trying to make sure fracking & oil drilling can happen, even when it does not protect public health & the environment. This is horrifying - and completely unacceptable. It is time for a change in 2018
  3. After our strong showing at assembly & big endorsements, our campaign has received a huge surge of grassroots donations in the last 48 hrs. THANKS SO MUCH for the support! I’m a progressive who rejects corporate PAC money. If we keep this up, we’ll win this key race. Onward!
  4. I’ve worked for a Democratic senator, congressman & governor — and I’m now a social worker who helps run an early childhood education center. I’m also a parent. These experiences have been invaluable in my work as a progressive advocate. Join our campaign
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    I’m a progressive Democrat and I don’t accept corporate PAC money. I do have 2,900 Twitter followers. If every one of you who sees this tweet pitches in $27, we’d have the resources to win this critical race here in Colorado. Can you pitch in? Donate here:

  1. Saturday night family bowling at the Monaco Lanes
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    I don't accept corporate PAC money. I'm a progressive relying on grassroots fundraising to win this critical Democratic primary here in the swing state of Colorado. Can you pitch in to help us win? Donate here -- anything you can do is a huge help:
  3. NEWS: I'm thrilled to be endorsed by Denver Councilman Rafael Espinoza, one of our city's most powerful leaders in the fight for tougher gun safety laws. I am campaigning to pass strong gun safety laws, so I'm honored to have his support!
  4. : great progressive groups, community leaders & elected officials who've endorsed my campaign for state legislature: @Tay4DPS
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    Net Neutrality is important for , that's why and I are introducing a bill today.
  6. Last year there was a deadly explosion near an oil/gas site. Now the GOP is pushing a bill to financially punish Colorado towns that restrict fracking/drilling near schools & residential neighborhoods. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. It is time for a change in the 2018 election.